Best Gaming Keyboards | March 2021

Best Gaming Keyboards |  March 2021

In this guide we will see which are the best gaming keyboards currently on the market, and which one to buy based on price and functionality

With the huge variety of products available, choosing a gaming keyboard isn’t always easy. In this guide we will therefore see what are the factors to consider when choosing your keyboard, and which are the best keyboards for various price ranges.

What factors to consider when choosing the keyboard

When considering a keyboard, whether it is for gaming or not, the most important distinction to make is between keyboards membrane, and mechanical. In the former, the pressure on a circuit of the membrane layer underneath the keys records their pressure. This means membrane keyboards will give a poorly defined pressure feedback, that you will have to press the button fully to be recognized, and that they could wear out over time. The fact that a single membrane is used for all the keys, however, means that the cost is greatly reduced compared to mechanical counterparts.

In mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, each key closes the circuit individually (by registering the pressure) with the movement of one switch spring loaded. This means that the feedback of the keys of a mechanical keyboard will be based on the type of switch much more defined, and potentially also louder. Another very important advantage of mechanical keyboards is in fact the possibility of choose your switch, as well as the keycap (the actual key).

If customizing the keycaps only means changing the aesthetics or feel of the keyboard, the differences between the switches are much more important. A linear switch for example will make more fluent pressing the key, while others will give more or less defined feedback during or at the end of the pressure. Another difference between the switches is in the weight, and therefore in the force itself required to register the pressure.

The other aspects to consider when choosing the keyboard are lighting, any additional keys, the presence of the numeric keypad, and size. As for lighting, for example, only a couple of colors or the entire RGB range may be available, and the lighting may be different for each key or unique for the entire keyboard.

Best Gaming Keyboards |  March 2021

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Best Gaming Keyboards

While the price isn’t cheap, Corsair’s K95 RGB Platinum is undoubtedly there best gaming keyboard around. The keyboard is large enough, but it makes good use of the space by including dedicated media controls, metal volume wheel, RGB lighting, and even an additional USB port. There is no shortage of additional keycaps for the WASD keys, and the palm rest removable. Switches are the best Cherry MX Speed, o in alternativa i Cherry MX Brown.

Asus ROG Strix Scope – Best gaming keyboards

At a similar price to the K95, Asus’ ROG Strix Scope is particularly suited to those who play primarily first-person shooters. The keyboard presents in fact full macro customization, it’s a CTRL key enlarged, to make the pressure more comfortable. There is no lack of full RGB lighting, and you can choose the switches Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, Black, Silent Red, o Speed Silver.

Logitech G413 – Best gaming keyboards

Logitech’s G413 is one of the best budget gaming keyboards you can buy. The keyboard mounts the proprietary switches Romer-G Tactile, precise and silent. Absolutely not discounted for the price, the G413 also includes one additional USB port, to which to connect the mouse for example.

Razer Cynosa Chroma – Best gaming keyboards

For those who prefer keyboards a membrane, one of the best on the market is Razer’s Cynosa Chroma. There is support for full RGB lighting and macro customization, and the keyboard is too waterproof.


The choice of keyboard depends above all on personal taste, and although there are objectively better keyboards than others, we always advise you to try out as many keyboards as possible in a shop for yourself. For other guides, news, reviews and specials on the hardware world, go to the dedicated section on our site!

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