Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-See

Migliori serie tv horror su Prime Video: le 10 da vedere

The Amazon Prime Video catalog is always growing. In this top 10 we have decided to offer you what we believe are the best horror TV series on the Amazon platform

Amazon Prime Video has now become a leader in the streaming sector, with an increasingly rich and versatile catalog. For an evening with friends or an afternoon of binge watching, Amazon Prime Video offers us a wide range of good products to choose from. After our guide to the best horror movies, here are our recommendations on the best horror TV series to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: Our Top 10

10. American Horror Story | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeThe anthological series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk puts different themes and characters at the center of each season. Eight seasons, all focused on as many themes, between disturbing atmospheres and disturbing characters. From the cursed house of Murder House, to the disturbing asylum of Asylum, to the eternal battle between good and evil in Apocalypse. There are many noteworthy protagonists of this series which has now become a cult: from Jessica Lange, to Kathy Bates, to Lady Gaga. The series has won over critics and audiences, winning sixteen Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.

9. The Terror | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must SeeAnother anthological series and another success signed by the platform Amazon. The Terror is inspired by real events, immersed in disturbing atmospheres. The first season of the series is based on the historical / horror novel The Disappearance of the Erebus, itself inspired by the lost Franklin expedition. The second, subtitled Infamy, is based on an original story by Max Borenstein and Alexander Woo. The photographic quality and the direction of the highest level have ensured that the series soon became one of the most interesting television cases of recent years.

8. The Purge | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeThe tv series based on the film The Purge – The night of judgment, has managed to bring a breath of fresh air to the horror genre. Once a year all crimes, including murder, are legal in the United States for a period of 12 hours, so citizens can take part in the purge and purge themselves of all violence and hatred. that hatch inside all year round. The film saga created by James DeMonaco it soon turned out to be a great success, managing to carry on the narration between the film and television world with a sense of continuity.

7. NOS4A2 | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeTreats of the novel signed by none other than by Joe Hill, son of Thrill King Stephen King, NOS4A2 mixes fantasy and horror together, in a story that revisits the theme of the vampire inserted, however, in the context of the American province. Made up of two seasons, the series tells the story of Vic McQueen, a young artist who discovers she possesses a supernatural ability that helps her track down the immortal and evil Charlie Manx. The latter is a being who feeds on the souls of children and who deposits what remains of them in a Christmas town where every day is Christmas day. Vic will try to defeat Manx to prevent this circle of death from proliferating and continuing indefinitely.

6. The Exorcist | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must SeeThe Exorcist is perhaps the horror film par excellence, which became a cult of the 70s. Forty years later, the TV series The Exorcist carries on the narrative universe of the film, creating variants. The series tells the story of the priests Tomàs Ortega and Marcus Keane who decide to help Angela Rance, a woman convinced of the demonic possession of one of her two daughters. The continuation of events will make them understand that the victim of possession is not exactly what it seemed. Definitely a must for fans of the genre, who will find all the classic elements of the original film.

5. Lore – horror anthology | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must SeeLovers of the horror genre cannot miss this little pearl of the Amazon Prime catalog. Lore, born as a series of podcasts created by Aaron Mahnke, has become, thanks to Amazon Prime, an anthological docuseries that explains the origins of horror myths. From the producers of The Walking Dead and The X Files, this anthology series stages Aaron Mahnke’s podcasts and explores the real-life facts that gave rise to our worst nightmares. Between period films and narrative sequences, Lore which reveals that our horror legends, such as those about vampires, werewolves and the dead, have a grain of truth. The documentary setting makes the series more terrifying than it might seem.

4. Six movies for not sleeping | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeThere is still talk of terrifying stories with all the typical supernatural elements: demons, ghosts and cursed houses. But this time these stories have been grouped into a collection containing an anthology of films told by great Spanish directors, such as Alex De la Iglesia e Jaume Balaguero. All six terrifying stories are revisited and told with a refined European flair, with the promise not to let us sleep at night!

3. The Hunger | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeThe Hunger is an anthological series inspired by the famous film Miriam Wakes Up at Midnight, made by Tony Scott in 1983. The series tries to tell horror stories by inserting dramatic themes and deeper issues into them. The Hunger is made up of episodes of approximately 30 minutes and two seasons, to keep you in suspense through adventures of passion and cannibalism, power and other obsessions. Exceptional presenters of the first and second seasons are Terence Stamp and the white duke David Bowie.

2. Fear the Walking Dead | Migliori serie tv horror Prime Video

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeAfter the great success of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman has decided to expand the undead fiction universe with the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, which traces the atmosphere of the original show. Once again we find ourselves following the events of a group of people fleeing the undead that populate this post apocalyptic landscape.

1. Bates Motel | Best Prime Video Horror TV Series

Best Horror TV Series on Prime Video: 10 Must-SeeA great series for everyone who loved it Psycho di Alfred Hitchcock, Bates Motel focuses on the relationship between young Norman Bates and his mother. After moving to a motel in Oregon, Norma and Norman Bates will have to deal with a traumatic event that will mark them and from which Norman will develop a series of ailments that will shape his sick personality. A series that mixes drama, thriller and horror creating an intriguing mix. To interpret the two protagonists are Freddie Highmore e Vera Farmiga.

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