Best Mini-ITX Houses to Buy | December 2021

Welcome to, in this buying guide we will discover the best mini-ITX houses to buy, sorted by different price ranges for the month of March

In the last buying guide we covered the most common case format among us gamers, namely the classic ATX format. In this guide, the second of three, our focus will be on a case format that in recent years is finding more and more “space” in the desks of PC gamers and beyond. We are talking about the houses mini-ITX.

Why choose this format? | Best mini-ITX houses to buy

The most common answer could be that of lack of space, but sometimes the user who chooses this type of configuration has very specific needs, even aesthetic ones. In recent years, the manufacturers of houses have welcomed the needs of this slice of the market and have created real masterpieces, where it is even possible to install a custom loop while maintaining the compact size. Sometimes this configuration is chosen purely for a fact aesthetic, because some users may be bothered by the “empty” and “unused” space inside the case. By adopting a mini-ITX solution this does not happen, the components are almost in close contact with each other. The difference between one case and another is the ability of the same to organize the components in such a way as to allow correct air flow despite the confined space.

Best Mini-ITX Houses to Buy |  December 2021

Excluding the design as an absolutely personal parameter, we have to evaluate the quality in terms of materials e dissipation. The case has a passive, but at the same time active, role in providing the right directional channel to those responsible for dissipation (the fans). A good case certainly allows for good air flow. Thanks to numerous ventilation grids placed strategically, and above all, protected by dust filters to limit damage to our PC and facilitate cleaning itself. Finally, we can consider the quality of the materials as a key point for the choice of the same, and the possibilities in terms of interior modifications.

To conclude, we have one of the most important elements to evaluate, which is the wiring. A good case also allows for good cable management, although with this format it is more difficult to be able to hide the cables for a clean result. But we will see in detail what the market offers by price range.

Low end | Best mini-ITX houses to buy

Obviously if you choose houses in this price range (50 to 100 euros), we are aware of renounce at the quality of materials, air flow, RGB fans and anything else in favor of the price.

Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1

This case offers those who want to enter the world of mini-ITX houses an economic solution that for reasons related to the price has some gaps, even serious ones. first of all, the air flow is not ventilated at all and if you are unable to create a good air flow you risk having a small oven. It does not have a separate power supply chamber and the aesthetics suffers a lot. In conclusion, this case is good for entry level components that are not very hot under stress and aesthetics must be renounced.

Cooler Master MasterCase H100 ARGB

This Cooler Master has the advantage of having a single 200mm RGB fan mounted frontally which, thanks to its size, allows air to enter from the front and exit from the rear of the case. Here the space is really minimal and you have to be good with cable management.

MetallicGear Neo-G V2

Case made interesting by the peculiarity of the front panel, a good quality of materials and a lot of space for SSDs. The only flaw is the presence of a single RGB fan that forces us to buy others.

Medium-low range | Best mini-ITX houses to buy

Nzxt H210

the minimal design that has always distinguished NZXT, we also find it in a mini-ITX format with this H210. Surely the American company leaves nothing to chance. In fact, for a minimal design, NZXT has removed all the superfluous, the RGB. There is not a single light inside the case, which you may like or not, the choice is yours.

Cooler Master MasterBox NR200

New born in the Cooler Master house. Very small houses that will delight its owners. Remember that the case is compatible with SFX and SFXL PSU formats. To use an ATX power supply you can download a file from the official website to create a support with the 3D printer.

Medium-high range | Best mini-ITX houses to buy

The price range that we will see now is between 100 and 200 euros. Grow up care for i details, i materials I am premium and increases the attention for l’air flow.

Thermaltake Level 20 VT

Thermaltake even mounts two tempered glass side panels on its Level 20 VT case (usually only higher-end cases have this gem) in addition to the front panel. The peculiarity of this case is that the build inside is rotated 90 ° in such a way as to have the video card in “vertical”. Particular solution that could find wide acclaim among fans.

SilverStone SST-LD03B

One of the few houses that grows upwards. Definitely not a common case, having the particularity of the burnished tempered glass panels. Friends of RGB, arm yourself with lights, in this case you have to put a lot of them. The only flaw, cable management is not particularly easy to do.

Thermaltake Ah T200

Case that is very reminiscent of the Cougar Conquer line, only in mini-ITX format.

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

Rectangular case with two RGB fans installed inside with relative controllers for lights and fans. Easy installation, really well thought out air flow despite the abundance of tempered glass. The only flaw, the distance between the video card and the bottom of the case is very small but does not compromise the airflow in the least.

High-end | Best mini-ITX houses to buy

Things get really interesting. in fact we are talking about a price range between 200 and 400 euros. Every compromise comes less, you look for the perfection in each detail.

Asus ROG Z11

Asus with the ROG series always aims to the maximum. This case is his ultimate expression of the “Republic of Gamers” concept. Despite its generous size, not like a mini-ITX, there is room to work inside. Air flow with attention to detail, premium materials. Perhaps there is a flaw and it is the price, on the other hand you pay for quality.


Anyone who loves this format (mini-ITX) knows that the LOUQE Ghost S1 Mk III case needs no introduction. Perfect in every part, designed for pure simplicity with zero lights and no frills. A concentrate of elegance suitable for a few.

Best mini-ITX houses to buy, the conclusions

This second guide led us to discover the small but big world of case mini-ITX. The market for this format is growing rapidly and is starting to satisfy all palates and even wallets. There are more minimal and modern models, some more tamarri, others “classic”. Let us know in the comments which houses you have, if you have one of these houses and your experience.

Best mini-ITX houses to buy, but don’t forget the other components!

At the end of this article, we advise you to stay tuned to our buying guides, to stay up to date.

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