Best Selling Desktop PCs – Ranking | October 2021

Which are the best selling Desktop PCs of the moment? Let’s find out in our guide dedicated to the ranking of the best-selling Desktop PCs

The world of Desktop PCs is always changing, with companies presenting new components almost every week. It only takes a few months to make the previous generation top solution almost obsolete! In such a world, choosing the right product is really complex. We have already talked about it in a series of dedicated hardware guides, we point out those regarding the CPU, motherboard, RAM and video card.

However at this point we wondered, but people in the end what they really buy? And here we are with our guide “Best Selling Desktop PCs – Ranking“.

Best Selling Desktop PCs – Ranking

In this part of the guide to the Best-selling Desktop PCs we will simply go to explore what are the most acquired devices. We would like to specify that this list is not drawn up by us, it is simply based on the data provided by Amazon regarding its sales volumes, so as to be objective. This list will automatically update day by day, dynamically reporting the variations between the best sellers. To avoid being too verbose, we will only examine the top 10 positions among the best-selling Desktop PCs.

Best Selling Desktop PCs – Ranking | Location comments

We can see how for Amazon some simple houses, or even components for Arduino or Raspberry, are real PCs. Aside from this sad fact, there is actually nothing to be happy about. Except for a few NUCs with discrete hardware, we are faced with a series of really bad products and often very old hardware. Certainly you cannot take the best sellers as a reference for choosing a good gaming PC! Take a look at our hardware guides: only in this way will you be able to assemble a PC that suits your needs.

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