Best sites to buy Soundcloud plays | September 2023

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Soundcloud is a social network dedicated to relatively recent music, but which is carving out an important space for itself. It could be a good opportunity for musicians! Let’s see how to buy Soundcloud plays on the best sites

SoundCloud is an audio streaming platform that has revolutionized the way emerging and non-emerging artists they share their music. Founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, this new social network has become an important point of reference for independent musicians, producers, DJs and music enthusiasts from all over the world.

What makes SoundCloud unique is its openness to musical diversity. The platform covers a wide range of musical genres, allowing users to discover a variety of styles and sounds ranging from hip-hop to indie, electronic music to rock and much more. This diversity has been instrumental in helping numerous emerging artists make their way into the music industry. Furthermore, SoundCloud promotes interaction between artists and their fans through commenting and sharing features, with typical social network mechanics that differentiate it from other streaming services such as Spotify.

SoundCloud is spreading quickly, but it’s still a social network of smaller dimensions compared to others. This is an opportunity for those who are trying to emerge before the actual boom happens. To help you on this path, we explain how to buy Plays on Soundcloud on the best sites.

Best sites to buy Soundcloud plays |  September 2023

Best sites to buy Soundcloud plays: Boostgram

Boostgram is one of the most important platforms in the follower market and one of the first to offer this service for Soundcloud. The site offers different packages to help you grow your profile quickly and diversify your strategy. We will be able to purchase reproductions of our songs (up to 100,000) to promote our songs on social media. Or we can buy followers for our profile, up to 30,000. Or there are combined packages of music plays and followers. The investment is minimal, starting from around 12 dollars, but success is guaranteed!

Best sites to buy Soundcloud plays: 1 million fans

Among the best sites there is also 1milionedifan. This is a very popular and reliable platform. The costs are not among the lowest on the market, but the service is excellent. In fact, on social music we will be able to purchase different types of interactions. To make one of our songs popular we can purchase Plays, Downloads, Reposts, Likes and Comments. This way we can invest money to make our songs popular. But if we want to make the entire profile more popular, we can buy followers. Prices range from around $10 up to $60 depending on the package.

Best sites to buy Soundcloud plays: SocialAds

We close this podium with SocialAds. This site has a slightly more basic graphical interface, but the prices are affordable! With less than 2 euros we can already take home 100 reproductions of our song. With around 40 euros we can get 50,000. However, the service is very varied and offers packages similar to those already seen in 1milionedifan.

Best sites to buy Soundcloud plays |  September 2023


Buying SoundCloud followers may seem like a quick way to increase visibility, but it is important to consider the ethical implications and long-term consequences. Organic growth based on the quality of your music and authentic interaction with your audience is key to building a lasting music career. Buying followers could damage your reputation, drive away genuine fans, and won’t lead to real growth. We must always invest time in active involvement in musical communitiescollaborating with other artists and creating high-quality content.