Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams | December 2021

In this list we are going to discover the best sites to buy real and quality Spotify streams. Let’s find out how to increase your plays easily!

Spotify is the market leader in music streaming and a great platform to launch your career as an artist. However, it’s highly competitive, so it’s not always easy for newcomers to break through, despite their talent. Buying streams on Spotify is an alternative way to do this, and it can give your profile a boost. With shopping sites, you can generate up to thousands of plays of the song you want to promote. However, it is important to choose a reliable and quality platform rather than a cheap site to get a consistent and qualified audience.

The best sites to buy Spotify play

Buying Spotify streams from poor quality providers can be risky for your artist account. After reviewing a number of media boosting platforms and social networking sites, we have selected the three most recommendable sites.

Subviews – Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams |  December 2021

Sosvisualazioni is by far the best site!

Already very popular for its services on the YouTube and TikTok platforms, it is one of the most reliable on the net. The site is ideal for buying qualified plays on Spotify and has real accounts with profile photos. The members provided by this site are active and make an excellent foundation for building a community. This parameter is also a great way to improve the coherence of your audience, thanks to musical affinities close to yours. All the offers of this platform are honest because they are in line with the quality / price ratio. – Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams |  December 2021 is one of the most recommended sites to buy Spotify streams. By choosing the site’s offerings, you will benefit from lossless quality streams on Spotify, especially since this site offers French and / or European plays and followers. Music preferences further increase the credibility of your Spotify audience. Buying Spotify streams from is certainly one of the best alternatives to

Galaxyfollower – Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams |  December 2021

If you are an artist looking to buy listeners on Spotify to grow your business and want to pay with PayPal, you will have realized that most streaming sites don’t allow their customers to use PayPal. Fortunately, there is Galaxyfollower which offers high quality Spotify streams and followers. This is undoubtedly the best site to buy play spotify with PayPal.

SocialFollowers – Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams |  December 2021

Socialseguaci is a lesser known site than the three listed above. However, it is no different than the first two, as it offers equally reliable services. The site’s community of subscribers is well developed, allowing for up to 50,000 plays. The members who work with SocialFollowers are mainly European, and have real verified accounts with profile photos. The subscribers of the site are active and allow you to build a long-term community base without losing followers. SocialFollowers also generates streams progressively to ensure natural promotion without the risk of penalties.

How to buy Spotify streams?

Buying Spotify streams is done in a few quick and easy steps:

  • Choose the stream package according to your budget. For Spotify music, the buying platforms offer a range of packages from 1000 to 100,000 streams.
  • Enter the link of your song.
  • Pay for your order.
  • Start recording streams of the song you chose to promote.

Is it worth buying cheap Spotify streams?

Some users decide to buy cheap spotify plays in hopes of giving their career a boost. However, buying streams on media and social networks should be done with great caution. Spotify’s algorithms are very careful and can detect violations of the rules of use.

Non-organic streams purchased from disreputable platforms can therefore pose significant risks to your account. In particular, you may be subject to penalties or even the permanent suspension of your account.

To be truly profitable, it is important that purchased Spotify streams are generated from real and verified accounts. This does not happen when buying Spotify streams on reputable sites. The risk is that you may receive views from accounts from across the world, or worse, from bots designed to bloat your counter with fake members.

Is buying Spotify play expensive?

Buying Spotify streams is within the reach of any artist who wants to promote himself, thanks to a large variety of offers. Market prices are generally as follows

  • 1000 streams: between € 4.99 and € 7
  • 2000 streams: between € 8.99 and € 12.99.
  • 5000 streams: between € 14.99 and € 29.
  • 10,000 streams: between € 27.99 and € 59.99
  • 20,000 streams: between € 35.00 and € 79.99
  • 50,000 streams: between € 75.00 and € 119.00

The benefits of buying Spotify streams

Buying streams on Spotify has a number of benefits for the artist looking to launch their career.

Launch a career

With 60 million songs online, Spotify is a highly competitive platform where newcomers can struggle to break through. Buying Spotify plays is therefore a great alternative to stand out and show off your music. By increasing your visibility, you’ll have a better chance of drawing subscribers’ attention to other songs on your playlist.

It allows you to highlight other artists

Spotify has more than 50,000 artists, including some of the most famous. By presenting a track or single with a high potential, it is likely to attract the interest of artists with a higher profile. Collaborating with these artists is a great way to give input to your music career.

Sign with a record company

Record companies are always looking for new talent to collaborate with, and Spotify is a marvel in this area. Buying Spotify streams allows you to get noticed by the biggest players in the music industry. As a result, you may create opportunities for yourself to secure a manufacturing and distribution agreement.

Succeed as an independent without having to spend thousands of pounds on advertising

Spotify is a great platform to launch your independent musician career if you don’t want to be tied to a record label deal. By choosing to buy Spotify streams, you can build your reputation on the cheap, rather than self-financing your advertising campaigns.

Keep time

Do you have a playlist, do you want to organize an event or do you just want to increase your reputation? Buying plays is a great way to get people talking about you and getting your fans to know you better.