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Best sites to buy subscribers Telegram channel | May 2022

In this guide we will point out the best sites to buy subscribers to your Telegram channel. And we will explain how to make the most of them!

Telegram is a social network, born as an alternative to Whatsapp and then evolved into something different, with several more features that made it much more than just a messaging app snapshot. In fact, you can create so-called channels or groups of people of arbitrary size that allow users to share messages. But they are also an exceptional communication and marketing channel. In fact, channels populated with thousands of people can be really profitable. This is why buying subscribers to your Telegram channel can be useful, especially at the beginning to give them more credibility and solidity.

Before starting

Obviously, a Telegram channel with many subscribers is perceived as more reliable and palatable in the public eye. Buying followers can help you quickly reach numbers that stand out from the crowd and make the leap.

Many Telegram channels do not give the possibility to send messages. With tens of thousands of attendees it would be really complicated! They are mostly used by owners to post content. However these they can interact with reactions and likes to posts. Having active followers who react is still important to make the channel active and credible. After these tips, let’s start with the actual list!

Boostgram | Best sites to buy Telegram channel subscribers

Our first tip is Boostgram. It’s about a platform established in the industry which allows you to buy subscribers to your Telegram channel. Of this portal we appreciate the different plans that you can buy that not only vary in the number of followers, but also in the type of service offered (you can add likes, reactions to posts, etc. ..).

The procedure is simple: Boostgram will verify the effective possibility of sending followers to your channel, without requiring passwords or other sensitive data. Then the actual boosting will begin. Once the target is reached, the situation of the channel will be monitored for 5 days in order to verify that everything is in order.

SocialAds | Best sites to buy Telegram channel subscribers

SocialAds is an excellent all-Italian platform. As for Telegram, it offers various services including: purchase of post views, purchase of channel subscribers and groups. THE prices are highly competitive and start at less than 2 euros! Orders are processed within 24 hours (working) and there is a 30-day guarantee on results. We could add up to 10,000 members to our channel with a single order! However, it is well documented that the actual number may decrease after peaking.

1 million fans | Best sites to buy Telegram channel subscribers

In this case we move to Spain for an equally interesting platform. In fact, this also allows you to buy new subscribers or interactions. The costs are not among the lowest, but the service is of excellent quality with real and interacting followers. The captivating graphical interface makes it easy to use and also pleasant it must be said! The pre- and post-sales assistance services are also excellent.

Get A Follower | Best sites to buy Telegram channel subscribers

Get A Follower is one of the simplest, most intuitive and complete services on the list. As for Telegram we can buy subscribers for the channel, view posts, votes in polls and reactions to posts. Few portals offer such a complete suite of services. We can get up to 10,000 new members in about 10 days. The simple and intuitive graphic interface make Get A Follower one of the most popular platforms.

BuyFollowers | Best sites to buy Telegram channel subscribers

Another Italian platform, with different services. We can customize the number of views and posts to sponsor. Or add up to 5000 subscribers to our channel. Interesting the possibility of extend the warranty up to 1 year so be sure you don’t lose followers right after peak. The prices are more than fair for the service offered and start at a few euros for the basic packages.


Now you know which are the best sites to buy subscribers to your Telegram channel! And you toHave you ever tried other services? How did you find yourself? Let us know! That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!

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