Best Sites to Download Free Music | March 2021

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

Let’s find out together which are the best sites to download free music in MP3 format and safely

All music lovers want to listen to their favorite songs on common devices offered by the market, but very often they are faced with the problem of having to identify the most efficient and reliable website, to avoid wasting time and above all not catching viruses, which could seriously damage computers. If you too are looking for a way that you illustrate how to download free mp3 music, you have come to the right place at the right time, as we are going to analyze which are the best sites that allow you to do this. Having said that, we just have to continue! Good fun!

Attention: TuttooteK and the author of this article do not assume any responsibility for the use of the sites present in this guide, which is for informational purposes only. We emphasize that downloading copyrighted content is illegal: piracy is a crime.

Only the best in this ranking!

Below is the list of best Internet sites which offer numerous ways related to how to download free mp3 music. We have tested several sites for you, eliminating from our ranking both the dangerous ones, carrying viruses, Trojans and malware, as well as those that are not working. If there should be any problem or link that no longer works, we invite you to report it to us and we remain at your disposal via the comments box below.

Furthermore, for each site we will explain which steps to follow to be able to find the songs you are looking for. At this point, let’s analyze the ranking in detail!

The first of the best free music download sites is Bee MP3

Bee MP3 is among the best sites to download free music: it is a search engine, characterized by an appropriate bar in the center of the page, where you can type the title of the desired song and the author. By pressing the key “Search”, you can then start searching. To access the site, click who.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

Once you’ve found the song, you’ll need to select “Proceed to download” to carry out the operation. Another thing to keep in mind is that the button is often available as well “Play”, viewable after pressing on the name of the song: in this way you can listen to it even without downloading it!

The second of the best sites to download free music is MP3Juices

Another very interesting site where you can download free MP3 music is MP3Juices: after opening the page, just type the keywords of the desired music track in the search area, then press the button with the logo of the magnifying glass. If desired, it is possible to manage auxiliary Web sites and services using the key “Manage Sources”.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

Once the search is complete, you will need to locate the file in the list provided, click on the item “Download” and confirm on “Download MP3”. Here too, as in the previous case, it is possible to listen to the song by pressing the key “Play”.

The third of the best free music download sites is

Continuing in our ranking of the best sites to download free MP3 music, we find, reachable by clicking who. It must be said, however, that it is not possible to download any song, but only the best hits of the moment. Once connected to the page, select the link “How to Download the Best Albums of 2018”, in the section “Free Music”, then follow the instructions provided.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

We remind you that is a very nice and constantly updated site, containing news about the world of music.

The fourth of the best sites to download free music is Free Music Archive

Another website to consider is without a shadow of a doubt Free Music Archive, a portal full of music you can download and play online. To connect, click who, after which you can search for your favorite songs by moving the mouse cursor over the category “Genres”, or “Genres”, so you can select the one that’s right for you. Once this is done, locate the song in the list, then click on the icon with the down arrow, which represents the download button. Furthermore, before downloading to your PC, you can always listen to any song by pressing the button “Play”, located to the left of the title.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

Another search tool that can come in handy is “Charts”, located to the right of “Genres”: in this case you will be able to view the charts of the music, sorted by last week (Past Week), last month (Past Month) and best ever (All Time).

The fifth of the best sites to download free music is Sound Cloud

In our ranking of the best websites to download free music it is worth mentioning Sound Cloud, reachable at this link. It should be emphasized that this is a page on which many artists share their works, reproducible online, but not all of them can be downloaded. Also, you can find remixes of famous songs.

To navigate the page, select the button “Explore trending playlists”, in order to access the ranking of the best music tracks of the moment, divided by genre (Party, Relax, Workout, Featured, Top 50). Consequently, press on the one that interests you particularly, locate the desired song, then press the keys “Play”, to listen to it, and, if available, “Download” to download it to your PC.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

Alternatively, you can use the appropriate one search bar, placed in the home page, to write directly the song and artist you are interested in.

The sixth of the best free music download sites is ccMixter

If what you are looking for is a remix music piece, the most suitable site is ccMixter, which you can view by clicking who. On this page, in fact, there are numerous files under the Creative Commons license.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

To find the song you want, we recommend that you use the classic first search bar, located at the top right of the screen, then type in your keywords and press on the magnifying glass. Alternatively, you can click on the button “tag search”, in order to access a ranking that can be filtered by genre, instrument and musical style. Once you have found what you are looking for, you can either play it online or download it to your PC, by pressing the appropriate buttons, respectively blue and orange.

The seventh of the best sites to download free music is

Finally, in our ranking we need to add a website that deserves all our attention: it is, available in This Page. It is a site that does not allow you to download MP3s for free, but it should be mentioned for the numerous multimedia contents it offers to users. For example, by clicking on the item “Live Music Archive” you can access music related to concerts of all kinds, while the section “Stream-only” allows you to stream videogames belonging to the 90s, such as “The Lion King” and “Aladdin”, which are no longer available on the market.

Best Sites to Download Free Music |  March 2021

The ranking ends here!

At the moment there are few websites that offer free and safe music downloads, but we are constantly looking to make this list longer and longer!

  • Bee MP3
  • MP3Juices
  • Free Music Archive
  • Sound Cloud
  • ccMixter
  • See you next month!

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