Best sites to look for work online | January 2024

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New Year New Life? Is this what you said to yourself on the first day of the year? Then you are probably looking for a new job, or maybe your first job! Here you will find the best sites for looking for work online, let’s get started!

Do you have a CV, a good handful of skills and a lot of determination to save on expenses while waiting, but above all when looking for work? Very good, but so now what should be done? The fastest, quickest and most effective way to find a job today is to visit the best sites to find work. But what exactly are the best sites and apps with which we can find a job? First of all, one thing that can help you a lot is to identify the type of job offer what are you looking for? If you are a recent high school graduate, you will definitely be looking for a professional course that enriches your skills. If you are a recent graduate, however, you are most likely looking for a job offer in line with your study paths. If you already have experience, you will be looking new work experiences and precise methods. There can be many reasons why you are looking for a job, but now let’s take a look at the sites and apps where you can find your next job!

Best sites to look for work online |  January 2024

Linkedin | Best sites to look for work online

If you are looking for work, you absolutely cannot miss out Linkedin, the social network dedicated to the world of work. On Linkedin you can apply to job offers in the dedicated section, you can learn more about the most interesting projects or you can have people contact you head hunters of the world of work. A fundamental thing to do on Linkedin to find a job is to take care of your profile, adding a description of yourself as a person and what skills you possess and cultivating relationships with other professionals. Big news for 2024 is that it will add a system of artificial intelligence to improve the matchmaking between supply and demand. This AI will allow us to compare user characteristics with the most suitable job offers.

Best sites to look for work online |  January 2024

Indeed | Best sites to look for work online

Another portal to keep an eye on is Indeed, ideal both for those looking for work and for those looking for staff to hire. This portal is constantly evolving and is structured with two perspectives, that of the companies and that of the candidates. In the second case, it is possible find your way among thousands of job offers thanks to the search filters. Once you have found the offers, you can delve into the details and proceed to send your application if you are interested, accompanied by a CV and a cover letter. On Indeed you can upload your updated CV to your profileso that companies contact you.

Best sites to look for work online |  January 2024

Monster | Best sites to look for work online

Con Monster you can get in touch with big companies who are looking for staff or promoting opportunities. Once you have activated the account, you can in fact use the search functionsetting different filters to find the most interesting adverts, or publish your CV (you can decide whether to make it public to companies or not) and apply for job offers. Monster is one of the most reliable sites for job searching. By registering, you will be able to access a section of the site where you can learn more about best practices for finding work.

Best sites to look for work online |  January 2024

I find work | Best sites to look for work online

I find work is a job search portal Corriere della Seraan accredited platform for employment agencies and job seekers job offers for high qualifications. You can register for free on the portal to search for job offers best suited to your profile and send your application. On the platform you can also find training courses and internships. If you want to closely follow a company you would like to work for, you can set the alert for all the ads it will publish. Click here to register on Trovolavoro.

Best sites to look for work online |  January 2024

Eighth | Best sites to look for work online

Do you want to work for a startup? Are you looking for an innovative company that hires only remotely? Then choose Otta! This site has constantly updated and personalized job offers based on your preferences and helps you find the job adverts most in line with your profile. Regardless of where you live, Otta will find the most suitable job offer for you, even overseas! Click here to sign up to Otta.

Best sites to look for work online |  January 2024

Do not give up!

Finding a job is a job itself, it takes time and effort to find the most suitable job offer. So, if you haven’t found it yet, don’t give up and keep looking! Another thing that we think is very useful to do is to send a spontaneous application to the company you would like to work for. The spontaneous application is the clear proof that will convince companies to hire you if you have the right skills. There is no better way to demonstrate that you want to work with them than by sending your CV of your own free will!

Below you will find a summary of the best sites for finding work in 2024:

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