Best Trading Apps | March 2021

Best Trading Apps |  March 2021

What are the best apps for trading online? Let’s find out together in this precious guide

The trading online it is increasingly popular, and today it is possible not only to trade using classic websites, but also apps. According to what was reported on, indeed, there are numerous trading apps, although some of these stand out for their reliability and also for the options they offer to the user.

Why trade with your smartphone?

Trading online using apps allows many to be able monitor your investments practically at any time of the day. Between one commission and another, in a moment of pause, or when another job is being carried out, it will be possible to evaluate which types of operations may be more convenient, and act without missing out on a good earning opportunity.

The apps also allow you to trade online in a rather convenient way. In fact, unlike other similar solutions, an online trading app it will not force the user to pay expensive commissions. Finally, the apps we have selected give you the opportunity to operate within the major international markets: it will no longer be necessary, therefore, to choose different instruments depending on the type of financial activity you want to carry out.

The best trading apps: 24Option

To start evaluating which are the best trading apps, we will start by looking at 24Option a truly valid application capable of satisfying the requests of even the most demanding users. Using this application you can choose from more than one hundred assets: you can trade using one of the major currencies, but also the currencies considered “minor” and more.

The trading offered by the 24Option app will provide users with tools such as investing in stocks, indices and commodities, as well as trading dedicated to the famous Forex and CFDs. For those who are just starting out, it will be possible to start using a free demo account. The demo, in fact, allows users to test their investment skills without having to risk real money.

In this case, the demo account will be 100 thousand euros, a sum that will give many the opportunity to carry out the largest operations that even the most experienced traders manage without problems. To solve any kind of problem, and also to answer the most complex questions, a multilingual customer service will be made available to users. The app chat is accessible 24 hours a day.

All this with the guarantee given by the European regulation, which is respected by the company that created the trading application. In fact, the investment company that is “behind” the app has been regulated and authorized by CySEC.

The best trading apps: XTB

Among the best apps for trading there is certainly also XTB, an application that it adapts to the needs of each type of user. The application, which stands out for its ease of use, is also particularly fast, so as not to unnecessarily consume users’ data traffic.

As with other apps and online trading sites, even in the case of XTB users are allowed to open a demo account, so that they can familiarize themselves with money management without risking their own money. Its features are very interesting, specific elements that can make this trading app even more appreciated by users.

The first is the xStation trader’s calculator: with this tool it will be possible to immediately identify the profit margin, and that of loss, which could be obtained by making a particular investment. Then, the user can make a truly informed decision about their investments.

The app also sees access to a large community made up of registered users. Thanks to the community it will be possible to stay up to date on the latest financial news and begin to understand the market in a deeper way. Finally, the app also allows access to training, with hours of webinair and videos that can be really useful.

The XTB application is available for both smartphones and tablets, and for computers, so you don’t miss even an investment opportunity. The investment company that is at the base of the XTB app is also authorized and regulated at the European level.

The best apps for online trading: eToro

Finally, but not for its importance, we find, among the best online trading apps, eToro. The primacy of this platform lies in the fact that it opened to the use of the app a long time ago. For this it can be said that eToro has been a pioneer in the world of app investments.

Thanks to the eToro application it will be possible to carry out all the financial transactions made available on the broker’s website, such as the ability to access CFD contracts, which allow users to invest in a truly diversified way. Also in this case to practice it will be possible to open a free demo account and, once you have some experience, you can open an official account, which will require a small payment.

Excellent is the possibility of making investments without having to pay commissions, and the guarantee offered by the European authorizations that have been granted to the company. Finally, eToro’s automated system allows users to carry out recurring transactions without having to intervene.