How to optimize the iPhone 5 battery

How to optimize the iPhone 5 battery

Are you the owner of an iPhone 5 and have you noticed that the battery performance is dropping by now? Here’s how to optimize the duration!

The performance of the battery of your iPhone 5 is it falling? No problem! There are various ways to remedy the problem. Normally the average life of a smartphone battery is three years, after this period of time the charging duration begins to fluctuate between 4/5 hours.

In addition, such a device is rather dated now, the launch date on the market dates back to the now distant 2013. We are talking about a smartphone that has a technology of almost 7 years ago. Precisely for this reason, performance similar to or equal to the latest generation smartphones cannot be expected, even as regards the battery.

Before reading the tricks to optimize the iPhone battery, you can understand the status of the same directly from phone settings. Just go to the settings menu and click on the appropriate icon to understand what the percentage of battery life is. If after reading this guide the duration of the charge of your device is still short, then there is nothing left to do but to opt for the purchase of the iPhone 5 battery in order to replace it.

Tips for maximizing battery life

First, to prevent the battery from deteriorating, you need to use the original charger from Apple. The chargers of other brands in fact tend to slow down the charge resulting in battery fatigue.

To preserve the charge it is also necessary to absolutely avoid that the device overheats. In fact, the high temperatures mean that the percentage of charge drops dramatically despite the smartphone not being used. Cell phones usually heat up when left to charge for too long, so avoid one excessive charge Of the device.

Also le cover they can affect the charge of the iPhone, for this reason it is advisable to avoid using them during the period of charging or intensive use. In fact, by wrapping the device, they tend to favor the temperature increase in a very short time.

A real kryptonite for the battery are the heavy applications. In fact, many of these (think of the latest generation games like PUBG or Coll Of Duty) literally “eat” the battery. For obvious reasons yes advise againststrongly recommend that you install such apps on a device such as the iPhone 5.

How to optimize the iPhone 5 battery

The “save battery” settings

Another aspect to consider regarding battery performance are phone settings. First of all, it is advisable to set the display to turn off automatically every 30 seconds so as to prevent the screen from remaining lit for too long during the period of inactivity.

Also there low brightness it is certainly a method to save battery, but this choice could affect the performance of the smartphone and make its use unpleasant. Precisely for this reason it is recommended to set the brightness automatic, the smartphone will automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the intensity of external light. This function will certainly make the duration of the charge longer.

What not everyone knows is that too the ringtone or vibration emitted by the keyboard when typing can affect battery life. Precisely for this reason we recommend deactivate both sounds and vibration.

Common mistakes that negatively affect the battery

Many times it is also our distraction that causes excessive consumption of charge, think of all the times we turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and we don’t turn it off when it’s not in use. This certainly negatively affects the life of the battery. Sometimes just being more carefull in deactivating or closing apps and settings that we do not use.

To keep the battery alive we also recommend update the device whenever a software update. In fact, Apple tends to release, especially for old devices, updates aimed at boost up the duration of the charge. It is often believed that updates make the battery less durable, but this is not the case.