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Best wireless gaming mice | April 2023

In this guide we will see which are the best wireless gaming mice currently on the Italian market

Il a gamer’s most faithful companion it’s definitely the mouse, perhaps even more so than a keyboard. Thanks to that little “mouse” we can shoot down enemies one after the other, look around, discover new places and admire the various panoramas that distinguish video games. But which one to choose for your needs? This is not an easy question and to answer it we will have to consider multiple factors. For this reason, we at will provide you with a guide to the best wireless gaming mice currently in circulation, hoping that it will be useful for you to choose the one that best suits your style.

Best wireless gaming mice |  April 2023

Parameters to take into consideration

The main factor that every buyer looks at before anyone else is definitely the prezzo. Sometimes there is a tendency to focus on one model rather than another just to save a small amount. But will it be worth it? In some cases, maybe if we find some interesting offers, it can be like this, but more often than not increasing your budget by €10-20 will guarantee you some indispensable benefits.

Economic issue aside, one of the main parameters that every player should take into account is the comfort. An ergonomic mouse is more suitable for long sessions. Furthermore, a mouse that is not suitable for our hand could lead to physical problems in the long run. That is why this aspect should never be underestimated. Other factors to take into consideration are also the number of keys presentwhich makes the mouse more or less suitable for a type of video game, e the maximum number of DPIespecially if you play at high levels.

However, the latter case will also and above all depend on your style of play. If you are gods players ofarm“, that is, if you tend to make large movements with your arm, a few DPI will be enough to play any game you want; otherwise it happens when you are gods players ofwrist“, that is, if your movement will be limited to just moving your hand. More DPI therefore allows for better gliding, but often compromises accuracy.

Best wireless gaming mice |  April 2023

An eye on savings | Best wireless gaming mice under $50

Contrary to the wired mouse market, where you can find various price ranges for all budgets, the wireless mouse market is made up of prices more or less equal among the various competitors. That’s why we have divided the pretenders into two price ranges (less and more than 50 €). Now let’s see which are the best wireless gaming mice for those who are not looking for high performance and want to save a few cents.

The first mouse in this guide is the Trust Gaming GXT 115. This peripheral features 6 keys making it ideal for shooters rather than MOBAs or RPGs. With a DPI range from 800 to 2,400, this mouse is especially suitable for “arm” players, as each important rotation would require a large movement. It features a connettore Bluetooth to be connected to your PC and runs on one AA battery. Therefore, it will not be possible to recharge it during construction, but you will always have to have some spare batteries available.

Il Black Shark Mako M1 is perhaps the most valid alternative for this price range if we consider the value for money. It features a connector that allows us to play at low latency 2.4GHz wireless mode, but it will also be possible to play via cable in case the battery runs out and you need to recharge it. His DPI range varies from 500 to 5000divided into six levels, but thanks to the software we will be able to set them up to 10,000. The maximum tracking speed of 100 IPS, combined with an update rate of 1,000 Hz, make it great for tracking every single movement, ensuring great feedback. Through the software it will be possible to customize the individual keys and the general lighting. In the package we will also find a honeycomb cover to lighten it slightly.

The latest peripheral that narrowly falls into this price range is part of the family Razer. We are talking more specifically about Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeedequipped with well 6 programmable keys and therefore, like the other two, more suitable for shooter games. Inside we find an excellent battery that allows you to use it for 285 hours in wireless mode. If instead we decide to use the Bluetooth one, the longevity rises up to 450 hours of play, although the performances are slightly affected. Among these cheapest, it is the one with increased tracking thanks to its 16,000 DPI.

Best wireless gaming mice |  April 2023

Performance and Color | Best wireless gaming mice over $50

If, on the other hand, you are more of a “wrist” player and prefer to have many lights that keep you company with their effects, you must absolutely consult this part of the guide to the best wireless gaming mice. Let’s see what are the elements of this roster.

The first mouse in this second part of the guide is the Roccat Burst Pro Air. If you love lights, this peripheral is the one for you thanks to the four lighting zones RGB. The honeycomb shape makes it very light. It will be possible to connect it to our PC via Bluetooth 5.2 o wireless da 2,4 GHz. All these lights, however, have one against battery life reduced to only 100 hours. If necessary, however, just connect the cable to recharge it while using it. It comes with a optical sensor with 400 IPS and up to 19,000 DPI.

Il Dark Core RGB PRO SE it is the flagship of the house Corsair. His strengths are definitely the 18,000 DPI optical sensor and the hyper polling technology which allows to have an update speed equal to 2.000 Hz. It has equipment well 8 programmable keys, but the battery will only allow you to play for 50 hours. However it will be possible to recharge it via USB type-C cable or via ricarica wireless Qi if you opt for the version with this technology. This allows you to recharge it wirelessly via a compatible charging device.

Il Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED certainly needs no introduction in this guide to the best wireless gaming mice. And maybe the most versatile of all thanks to his 11 programmable keys which make it the most complete of all even for RPG and MOBA games. With the function “G change” this number will then double, for a total of 22 programmable functions. Included we find the HERO 25K sensor which offers precision tracking up to 25,600 DPI.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Madcatz R.A.T. Dws. This is probably the most ergonomic mouse you will find around, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the various supports. Included we find the sensore PixArt PAW3335DB from 16,000 DPI and with 400 IPS. It is also equipped with 14 keys and it will be possible to set four different profiles depending on our use. Inside there is a AA battery that guarantees 200 hours of use in 2.4 GHz mode and 300 if using Bluetooth 5.0 instead.

Have a good game everyone!

These were our proposals regarding the best wireless gaming mice. Finding the one that suits your style is not easy, but here we have listed several peripherals that will satisfy the needs of all of you readers. To not miss out on further news, guides and reviews regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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