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Bill Gates: “Artificial intelligence is the most important technology of the last decades”

Second Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) represents “the most important technological advance in decades”. Gates himself writes it in a post on his blog, comparing the impact of AI to the birth of the first microprocessor, the first PC. For Gates, artificial intelligence is as revolutionary as the spread of the internet and the mobile phone.

“It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care and communicate with each other,” his blog reads.

Bill Gates on the importance of ChatGPT and new AI models

In the post Gates spoke in particular about ChatGPT, the conversational chatbot developed by OpenAi and whose artificial intelligence has been integrated into Bing, a search engine owned by Microsoft. In January 2023 OpenAi benefited from an important investment by Microsoft, a company of which Bill Gates is still a consultant as well as co-founder.

Gates also told a nice but symbolic anecdote from last year. The co-founder of Microsoft allegedly challenged the OpenAI team to create an AI capable of passing an Advanced Placement (AP) biology exam. The challenge had one rule: the AI ​​could not be specifically trained to answer biology questions. Which means that, like ChatGPT, it shouldn’t have been specific to a single topic. “A few months later they revealed the results – writes Gates – and the score was almost perfect, getting only one answer wrong out of 50”.

Future plans? Don’t underestimate the consequences of AI

Speaking of future of artificial intelligenceBill Gates has called on governments around the world to work with industry to limit the risks of AI, saying the technology could be used to save lives.

“The benefits of artificial intelligence will be especially important for poor countries, where the vast majority of under-five deaths occur,” Gates wrote. Many people in those countries never get to see a doctor, and AIs will help healthcare workers be more efficient.”

However, for that to happen, Gates stresses the need for a focused approach to AI technology in the future.

“Market forces will not naturally produce AI products and services that help the poorest. The opposite is more likely. Governments and philanthropy can ensure that AIs are used to reduce inequality. Just as the world needs its brightest people to focus on its biggest problems, we’ll need to focus the world’s best AI on its biggest problems.”

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