Billboard presents the ranking of the most popular songs on TikTok

Billboard presenta la classifica delle canzoni più popolari su TikTok thumbnail

For the vast US music market, the reference charts have practically always been those of Billboard. The weekly magazine has now accustomed readers from all over the world to its highly reliable charts, meticulously divided by genre. But until now, one segment was missing: the most popular songs on TikTok.

Moreover, ByteDance’s social network increasingly plays an important role in the diffusion and promotion of musical songs. So Billboard officially presents the TikTok Top 50with the 50 most listened to songs on the platform.

TikTok Billboard Top 50: here are the most popular songs on TikTok

The ranking is the first of its kind and will be updated every Thursday. The ratings are based on a combination of various parameters (views, number of videos with the song and engagement).

Currently, in its very first edition, the TikTok Top 50 sees the song SkeeYee by the American rapper in first place Sexyy Red. Paint The Town Red by completes the podium Doja Cat and August of the inevitable Taylor Swift. The singer-songwriter is present several times in the Top 50, while Sexyy Red, in addition to occupying the first position, is also at the 50th with Mad at Me.

You can consult the TikTok Billboard Top 50 at this link.

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