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Bing Ai will be available to everyone, with no waiting list

Bing Ai will be available to everyone, with no thumbnail waitlist

The success of Bing seems to be unstoppable, to the point that Microsoft has announced it soon will remove the waiting list to use the service. For the uninitiated, let’s obviously talk about the New Bingwhich takes advantage of the artificial intelligence of OpenAI (the same as ChatGpt) to offer accurate searches and even a humanoid chatbot service. All features that users can already try for free, but access to which is restricted by one waitlist. This means that, at the moment, to use the new Bing it is necessary to join a waiting list. Microsoft will contact you when your request is approved.

With today’s news, however, Microsoft has announced that the beta phase of the service is about to end, and that access to the features will be free for everyone, without waiting lists.

We waitlisted and tried out the new Bing

It is currently unclear when the waitlist will officially be decommissioned. At the moment, in fact, it is still necessary to manually request access and wait to be contacted again. We at did it a few weeks ago and we told you how the new Bing seemed to us in this article. Specifically, we tried Bing Chat, which is the chatbot that takes advantage of the most advanced features of OpenAi, already the basis of the famous ChatGPT.

If you too want to experience the thrill of artificial intelligence, in the face of a few days of waiting, you can apply for the Bing waitelist at this link.

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