Bing surpasses 100 million daily active users thanks to AI chatbot

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Microsoft let it be known today that, about a month after the launch of the AI ​​chatbot, Bing surpassed 100 million daily active users. To report it is Yusuf Mahdi (via Engadget), Microsoft’s vice president for Modern Life, Search and Devices. Of course, these are not amazing numbers when compared to the main competitors (Google above all). However, as Mehdi recalled, these are incredible numbers for Bing, which had literally disappeared from the radar of the most used search engines for years.

In addition to growth in terms of numbers, Microsoft is also enjoying growth in terms of engagement, with more and more people who are interested in trying out the new AI technology. The company claims that the growth is also due to the introduction of Prometheus AIwhich improved the relevance of Bing results.

Bing AI by the numbers

According to data provided by Microsoft, they would be well 45 million chats initiated by users since Bing introduced the AI-powered chatbot feature. The company believes that the launch of the chatbot on mobile devices has led to an increase in visits to the search engine. The growth is clear: the numbers say that visits to Bing have grown by 600% compared to the past. Although Microsoft has not specified what is meant by “past”, we can imagine that the company refers to the pre-chatbot period.

The introduction of the AI ​​chatbot in Bing, earlier this year, has allowed Microsoft to market itself as a valid competitor of Google. However, Mountain View has certainly not stood by, as Google has already announced its own model based on artificial intelligence. It’s about Google Bardcurrently under development.

We remind you that Bing’s AI is also currently in beta. If you want to try it, you can join the waiting list for free here. Alternatively you can read our dedicated article, as we have tried it for you.