Biomutant: The game world shows itself in a new trailer

Finally, after years of waiting, Biomutant is close to its release: in the meantime, THQ Nordic today released a new trailer in which we can admire the game world in all its beauty

The wait is over, in just under a month Biomutant will arrive in stores (physical and digital), and all those who have laid their eyes on the project with fervent interest will be able to lay their hands on it. Ahead of this release, on the publisher’s channel THQ Nordic a new Biomutant trailer, in which we can observe the game world, in all its environments and in all its bright colors. Let’s try to analyze it together in detail!

What we see in the new Biomutant trailer

In the trailer you can see various different locations and biomes, along with some gameplay elements that are sure to prove interesting. Among all those different environments, along with cities, villages and ruins visible, we can see how the game environment will be totally diversified: we will go from snow-capped mountains to large flat expanses, from the city on a rainy day to the swamp with a strange atmosphere. Also, we can see the protagonist who moves with various means of transport: the mecha, the water bike, the balloon and the paraglider (which seems to be very close, conceptually, to Breath of the Wild) are the means that are shown in the video in question.

There are clearly other gameplay elements present in this new Biomutant trailer, including, for example, various mounts that you can use to travel around the game world. While not the most amazing thing from a technical point of view, based on what we can observe in the video, it can be said that the visual impact looks great: the views are the master, together with the alternation of very bright colors.

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