BioWare: the future of Dragon Age and layoffs

BioWare: il futuro di Dragon Age e i licenziamenti thumbnail

BioWare announces several changes for its near future: approx 50 layoffs in various roles for the software, which however says it is determined to bring success to the next titles, including Dragon Age: Dreadful.

BioWare: layoffs, the future of Dragon Age and other titles

In the announcement, BioWare outlined its willingness to move to one “more agile and focused study”. This step towards agility, according to BioWare, allows you to have a clearer view of the games in development right from the initial stages and to optimize times.

BioWare revealed that caround 50 roles within the studio will be eliminated. The company assures that it has not made this decision. And he assures that he will manage the process with “empathy, respect and clear communications”.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf

In response to recent announcements about BioWare’s future, it’s natural to wonder how that will affect the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. However, the company has emphasized that the dedication to the game has never wavered: the company ensures that the game will arrive with the expected quality and timing, despite the layoffs. The company in the announcement stressed that even those who will leave the studio have worked hard on the game, with general manager Gary McKay saying “I’m really proud of all the work our team has done”.

Also continue the work of pre-production of the next chapter of Mass Effect. This demonstrates that a commitment to creating immersive and memorable experiences is an integral part of BioWare’s identity.

The company concludes by saying that it will soon reveal more details about Dragon Age. We will keep you posted.

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