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BitCoin: Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, confirms his support

The Bitcoin and, more generally, cryptocurrencies can count on several supporters among which it also appears Jack Dorsey, CEO di Twitter. Dorsey has already expressed his support for Bitcoin in the past. In these hours, with a post on “his” social network, Dorsey has returned to reiterate the leading role that Bitcoin will have in the near future.

Jack Dorsey’s point of view on Bitcoin is increasingly clear

According to the point of view of Jack Dorseyin fact, Bitcoin “will unite an extremely divided country” (like the United States) and will subsequently be able to do the same with the rest of the world. In recent weeks, the Twitter CEO had released some statements confirming his support for cryptocurrency. For the CEO of Twitter, in fact, Bitcoin could “bring peace to the world”.

Support for cryptocurrencies and, in particular, Bitcoin continues to grow in the US. Several leading figures from the world of finance, technology and the Internet in the US have already confirmed their support for cryptocurrency. Dorsey, with its fintech Square, aims to support cryptocurrency with a physical wallet and a new development platform.

Over the next few months, of course, the Twitter CEO will return to talk about cryptocurrencies and his projects with which he aims to support their growth. To find out more, you can follow Dorsey on Twitter.

Dorsey’s tweet

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