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Bitdefender supporta Amazon GuardDuty

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From this week, Bitdefender’s anti-malware technologies support Amazon GuardDuty, a threat detection service that can monitor malicious activity and anomalous behavior while protecting Amazon Web Services accounts, workloads and data. Here are all the details:

Bitdefender technologies support Amazon GuardDuty

Thanks to Bitdefender’s anti-malware technologies, AWS customers can count on a number of additional services that can maximize security. Bitdefender detects malware and anomalous activity in an Amazon GuardDuty environment, alerting the customer and providing contextualized information. In addition, through the AWS Marketplace, Amazon GuardDuty customers can purchase a license proposed by the company in a simple way and obtaining an automatic remediation to neutralize threats. This possibility is already active. For all the details related to this feature, you can consult the AWS Marketplace.

The company comment

Amy Blackshaw, vice president of product and technical marketing presso Bitdefender, states: “Cybercriminals are escalating their attacks on public cloud workloads because they know that is where sensitive corporate information increasingly resides. The integration of Bitdefender technology within Amazon GuardDuty helps companies improve their cyber resilience in the cloud by providing accurate, real-time threat detection to stop attacks before they take hold in the corporate environment . “

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