Bitdefender warns users from Christmas hackers thanks to some tips

Bitdefender mette in guardia gli utenti dagli hacker di Natale grazie ad alcuni consigli thumbnail

Not even the holidays preceding the Natale they seem to stop the hacker and this Bitdefender he understood this very well, having singled out spam campaigns and phishing truffles that target users during their Christmas shopping.

For example, one of the bogus emails indicted is the promise of freebies this Christmas from Netflix.

Bitdefender doesn’t even stop at Christmas

The global leader in cyber security is warning its customers about Christmas scamsas hackers are taking advantage of these holidays to carry out spam and phishing campaigns.

Specifically, Bitdefender’s research analyzed global spam volumes from November 27 to December 12. The highlights of the research showed that:

  • the volume of Christmas-themed spam is steadily increased from November 27, reaching considerable peaks between December 6 and 9;
  • il 71% of all Christmas-themed spam was scammers;
  • 31% of Christmas spam emails reached the mailboxes of US users, 24% in Ireland and 7% in France, Sweden and Denmark;
  • the cybercriminals have activated a campaign between the imaginative and the ingenious: “Letters to Santa Claus“, which invites parents to provide personal and credit card information in order for their children to receive a special gift containing an official wish list certificate and an autographed letter from Santa Claus;
  • in particular, it has been observed that scams focus on bogus offers, gift cards and sweepstakes by exploiting the popularity of different brands such as Netflix;
  • as regards the scam linked to Netflix, it consists in rewarding the user with an offer of $ 90.00 while shopping online.

How to defend yourself, therefore, from fraudulent Christmas spam?

Bitdefender’s tips for a peaceful holiday

Bitdefender has come up with a number of suggestions. Let’s see them together:

  • first of all it is important never to complete online surveys for gift cards and other products that require the insertion of sensitive data or credit card;
  • do not click on the links contained in unsolicited emails or messages on social networks;
  • make your online purchases on known websites;
  • never install software from unknown sources advertised in spam emails;
  • use reliable security solutions that can protect against malware and block phishing websites.

Finally, Bitdefender advises its users what is an evergreen: use secure passwords and antivirus capable of defending ourselves from both computers and mobile devices.

To read the complete research on Christmas spam, click here.

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