Black Desert Online sta arrivando su Playstation 5 e Xbox Series X

Black Desert Online is coming to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S

Black Desert Online sta arrivando su Playstation 5 e Xbox Series X|S thumbnail

Black Desert Online is about to make its debut also on next-generation consoles, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X and Serieses S. Today, in fact, Pearl Abyss announced the future roadmap of the title. Starting this week, PC gamers of the game will be able to count on the new Season Plus server (Season +). The new season will enrich the gaming experience with lots of new content. These new features will be available on console Playstation 4 e Xbox One from October 13.

Black Desert Online si prepara alle console next-generation

Black Desert Online’s new roadmap confirms the game’s future support a Playstation 5 e Xbox Series X e Series S. For the moment, no precise information has yet been revealed regarding the timing of the arrival of the next-generation versions. The new versions will certainly guarantee a significant upgrade in terms of graphics and will be accompanied by several new features. In the meantime, however, the game will be able to count on many new features that will further enrich the gaming experience in view of the next generation on consoles.

The news coming to the game

The next few months will be full of news for the Pearly Abyss title on console. The team, through the official blog, has, in fact, revealed the roadmap of news for the coming months. Between September and December there will be several updates that will greatly enrich the gaming experience.

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