Black Friday 2022 started with a bang: +879% of purchases in a few hours

Black Friday 2022 started with a bang: +879% of purchases in a few hours

Officially begins Black Friday, an opportunity for many to anticipate Christmas gifts and, why not, even indulge in some gifts in view of the holidays. Black Friday 2022 data from Klarna they are clear: it is shopping boom from the early hours of the dayand the phenomenon is only destined to grow over the weekend.

Klarna reports an increase in sales of +879% as of this Friday morning. A growth also in reference to Black Friday 2021, with a +130% purchase volume compared to last year.

The date of Black Friday 2022 in Klarna

The data show that a first surge in sales had already been recorded in the period immediately preceding Black Friday, with a +204% between 21 and 24 November 2022. The categories with higher sales volumes are essentially Clothing and footwear, electronics and entertainment, in pole position compared to any other day of the year.

“Online sales have soared throughout the week, demonstrating the fact that Black Friday is assuming an ever wider relevance in our country, a detail that brands must take into account. Our data therefore represent a strategic asset for merchants, who can take advantage of the constant monitoring of current trends to better target their offer”. says Luigi Traldi, Country Manager Italy of Klarna.

Luigi Traldi, Country Manager Italy of Klarna

It is also interesting consumer electronics, which seems to be the favorite trend of Italians without substantial age differences. About demographics: it is mainly the Millennials who spend (52%), followed by Gen X and Gen Z.

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