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Black Friday: how the delivery of household appliances to the floor and WEEE collection works

The week of Black Friday 2022 has begun and many are already taking advantage of the best offers arriving from here until Cyber ​​Monday November 28th. But if buying smartphones or gadgets online and having them delivered to your home is simple, how does it work for household appliances? Here are the rules for the floor delivery and WEEE collection of household appliances during Black Fridayon Amazon and from leading online retailers.

Black Friday: home appliance delivery and WEEE collection

Buying a fridge or washing machine during Black Friday can bring you truly exceptional discounts, even saving you hundreds of euros, if you find the right offer. But unlike a tablet or a book, it requires a little extra planning.

In fact, if you don’t live on the ground floor, delivery could become indispensable not only to your address, but also to the floor where you live. It is also very convenient to pick up your used car. The Collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) provides that the seller, upon delivery of the new one, also collects your old oven or refrigerator and then disposes of it correctly.

Online platforms often provide for these procedures, but with small precautions. Here’s how it works on Amazon, Mediaworld, Unieuro and Euronics.


Amazon Black Friday offerte

Those who have Amazon Prime know the speed of deliveries of the e-commerce giant. But with bulky devices like larger appliances, this isn’t always possible. Furthermore you cannot have them delivered to an Amazon Locker or PO boxes.

To deliver to the floor, all you have to do is select al checkout the “scheduled delivery” option. By doing so, you can choose when to have the product brought home, from Monday to Saturday in a pre-established time slot. You can choose several options:

  • Option free with Prime it’s at 6,99 euro for others:
  • Paid for all of 19,99 euro:
    • Between 8 and 12
    • Between 10 and 14
    • Between 1pm and 5pm

With this option you can have your appliance brought to the floor. For the WEEE withdrawal, Amazon uses its partner Landbell. You must complete a withdrawal request at Landbell, to then agree on a time for collection once the request has been accepted. They will also explain how to prepare the package and where the collection will take place. In the Terms of Service we read that the withdrawal will take place on the ground floor, so you have to plan accordingly.

media world

New opening MediaWorld Carpi shop 4901

If you buy from mediaworld site, you will have delivery to the floor even during Black Friday, as long as they are large appliances, air conditioners and televisions over 43 inches. The courier will contact you directly to establish a time, between 8.30 and 13 or between 14 and 18.

However, Mediaworld specifies that delivery is guaranteed only if you have lifts, freight elevators or a stairwell with a capacity suitable for the passage of products. In this case, the shipping price will depend on the product and nothing else. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to organize differently, there could be additional costs.

For the collection of WEEE, where to tick the item “Pickup Used” in the product sheet during the purchase (or even in the cart). You can also collect multiple products at the same time if you buy multiple devices.


black friday unieuro 2022

If during Black Friday you find large appliances, air conditioners or TVs over 32 inches, Unieuro delivers them to your floor. The courier will will contact you in the next 2-5 business days (may need more patience during Black Friday). If you have wide enough stairs, elevators or goods lifts, delivery to the floor is included in the price. Otherwise it may cancel the order or increase the cost.

During Black Friday and throughout the year, the WEEE collection from Unieuro it is based on the number of products purchased: if you buy an oven, you can have the old one taken away. The collection will take place where you will have the new one delivered to you.

Euronics: home appliance delivery on Black Friday

euronics black friday collection at floor WEEE delivery min

If you purchase TVs over 43 inches or appliances from Euronics during the Black Friday, you can ask for delivery to the floor. However, we point out that it is not foreseen in the smaller islands, in the Venice lagoon, in Livigno and in Campione d’Italia. However, if you are in other areas of Italy it is also expected connection to the water and electricity mains. But only if the connections are compliant.

The courier will call you to choose a time slot in the morning (8-13) or afternoon (14-18), from Monday to Friday. There are no additional costs for installation but the charges depend on the weight of the purchased device.

As for WEEE collection, just select “Pickup used” in the data sheet. The collection takes place on the same day as the delivery of the new one for appliances or TVs over 43 inches, while it undertakes to collect it within 30 days for the other products.

These are the procedures of the main online stores, if you were to use other sites you can usually find an item in the product sheet that explains how to carry out the floor deliveries and WEEE collection. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to express them in the comments.

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