Blackpink X PUBG Mobile: il concerto in-game è stato visto da 15,7 milioni di spettatori thumbnail

Blackpink X PUBG Mobile: The in-game concert was seen by 15.7 million spectators

L’immersive audiovisual experiencewhich took place over two weekends in July, took the whole world by storm with a total of 15.7 million views throughout the concert series. We’re talking about the in-game concert of PUBG Mobilewhich saw the virtual execution of the successes of the blackpink and the debut of the new special song “Ready For Love”. The show, lasting 9 minuteswas followed by audiences around the world.

Blackpink X PUBG Mobile: The in-game concert was seen by 15.7 million spectators

The music video of the special song BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE, Ready For Lovewas published as part of the partnership and was seen over 146 million times since its debut. The video marks the first time BLACKPINK appears in the form of an avatar for a music video. It is also the first time that PUBG MOBILE has collaborated with artists for a music video such.

Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing di Tencent Games, ha dichiarato:

“We want to thank all of our players and Blackpinks for their support in making this partnership the largest in PUBG MOBILE. It was an honor to bring BLACKPINK’s incredible music to our title. The game is keen to offer its players new cutting-edge experiences. “

This partnership was meant for unite the worlds of music he was born in game and offer fans around the world something innovative.

YG Entertainment said instead: “It has been a great pleasure for us to have another significant partnership with PUBG MOBILE. We hope to be able to show various sides of Blackpink through music and more ”.

The second one Complete album of Blackpink, Born Pinkwill be published on September 16 while the world tour will begin at October.

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