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Blackview A95: here is the battery test

The new Blackview A95 was recently presented and is still a product to be discovered! In this article we will look at battery performance in depth

Leading smart electronic device brand Blackview recently put a new product on the shelves, the Blackview A95. Following the remarkable volume of sales of the Blackview BV8800, a top-of-the-range rugged phone with night vision, during its world premiere offering on Aliexpress. The following is a mid-range smartphone but with a design similar to the iPhone 13 Pro and a configuration of the very high value for money. The really cool thing is that Blackview A95 is now being sold at an incredibly low price, equivalent to $ 149.99. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Blackview A95: here is the battery test

Blackview A95: a mid-range that aims high

Comparing the specifications of other smartphones in the $ 149.99 range, you can make a pleasant discovery on Blackview A95: the smartphone surpasses its peers in key specifications which make use more fluid and efficient

The comparison in the $ 149.99 range

Clearly, the Blackview A95 offers unexpectedly impressive specs when compared to common $ 149.99 phones including a powerful processor, large memory capacity, triple camera and next generation operating system which are usually the main factors to consider in the market for a smartphone.

Blackview A95: here is the battery test

Battery test

As for the battery, the Blackview A95 is equipped with one cell with a capacity of 4380 mAh, which is average. The interesting aspect, however, is the extremely slim design. In case anyone is unsure of the duration, Blackview has released a test. Video record a day with the A95: performs all common operations that are normally done with our smartphones such as watching videos, scrolling TikTok, browsing web pages, playing games. And it turns out that it can get over a full day of normal use.

Blackview A95: other features

The real selling point of the Blackview A95 is the wide 8GB + 128GB storage space, usually present on top-of-the-range smartphones, which makes it look like a gift for the price of $ 149.99. Not to mention that it supports storage expansion up to 1 TBproviding a huge space for all your movies, music, photos, files and games.

And there’s one feature that is sometimes overlooked in the specs, but a huge plus on the photography side is its excellence in low-light shooting. There 20MP Sony IMX376 rear cameraPowered by 2µm 4-in-1 Super Pixel technology, it captures up to 4 times more light and has up to 3 times more light sensitivity, producing extraordinarily sharp photos in low-light environments.

Blackview A95: here is the battery test

Furthermore, the Blackview A95 is available in three pleasantly dazzling colors that are really stylish, which makes this smartphone much nicer than the competitors in the same price range. For those who love iPhone 13 Pro design, look no further, Blackview A95 has a very similar rear camera design. The back panel features a satin, translucent finish with a brand new ICM process and 8 layers of vacuum nano-optical coating. With a weight of only 195g, as thin as 8.5mm with rounded corners elegant, the A95 offers luxury pleasure on every grip.

Overall, the Blackview A95 really pushes the throttle to deliver a stunning design and best performance while remaining super cheap on price. If you are interested, don’t waste time buying one before it runs out. It is worth noting that the $ 149.99 price is a limited time offer and that the price will increase after March 3 PT. After all, it seems like a near-loss-making deal for the seller! That’s all from the smartphone section, keep following us!

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