Blackview: Tab 11, Mini Tab 6 e Tab 6 Kids in arrivo a novembre

Blackview plans to add three new members to its tablet portfolio in November: Bigger Tab 11, Mini Tab 6 and Tab 6 Kids

Blackview started out as a rugged phone brand nine years ago and has now produced a large assortment of other smart products in addition to phones, such as laptops, headsets, smartwatches and tablets. The company has done well so far, as we can see from how the Tab 9 and Tab 10 launched not long ago have garnered abundant praise especially in the European market. But Blackview doesn’t stop there; according to the company’s CEO, the launch of three other budget tablets called 4G Tab 11, 4G Tab 6, and Tab 6 Kids in November. And here are some leaks on the three products.

Blackview: Tab 11, Mini Tab 6 e Tab 6 Kids in arrivo a novembre

Blackview Tab 11

According to Blackview, the Tab 11 is positioned as a new top-of-the-range tablet and should be completely different from its predecessor both inside and out. As for the hardware, Blackview seems to be making an effort to update its tablet’s screen and then the Tab 11 could show off a 10.36 inch 2K screen. Additionally, Tab 11 will witness the technological advances Blackview has made in battery, as it has shrunk the battery capacity of the tablet to 6580 mAh, while still offering the same runtimes as the Tab 10, which is backed by a 7480 mAh battery.

Also, compared to its predecessors, the Tab 11 will double its memory with a huge 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory due to the growing demands for a larger memory. Obviously, such an excellent tablet is complemented by a processor, so far the best used by Blackview, Unisoc T618 which could even surpass Qualcomm 660 and MediaTek P70.

As for the software, Tab 11 comes with Widevine L1 certification, with which users would be able to stream TV series at 1080p or higher definition, reality shows and Disney movies on apps like Youtube, Netflix, Disney +. and more for the comfort of cinematic viewing on the palms. Additionally, Blackview will update the Tab 11 system to Doke OS_P 2.0 based on Android 11, offering numerous home Doke apps seen in previous Blackview phones, but there is also a newcomer: Notes, which allows users to take notes in audio or image format. Doke OS_P 2.0 also offers split window support for more simpler tasks.

To innovate in the appearance of the tablet, Blackview offers Tab 11 in three colors, of which Teal Green is the most attractive. Users will also see changes in the contour of the tablet which features straight edges that make Tab 11 more like iPad Pro. Although there are pictures of what the Tab 11 will look like, it’s still exciting to see the whiteboard with the naked eye.

Blackview: Tab 11, Mini Tab 6 e Tab 6 Kids in arrivo a novembre

Blackview Tab 6 e Tab 6 Kids

Based on the product differentiation strategy and the growing needs of a portable tablet, Blackview will launch two 8-inch 4G tablets called Tab 6 and Tab 6 Kids to meet the demand of people such as newcomers to the workplace, students or children who need a compact tablet that can fit in their small handbags, backpacks or small hands. But aside from the smaller screens, what else do they have?

From industry leaks it has been learned that both Tab 6 and Tab 6 Kids share the same specs as an 8-inch display, a 5580 mAh battery, a T310 processor and Doke OS_P 2.0. However, there are still many differences between the two.

Blackview says the Tab 6 is a suitable alternative to cell phones as, like the latter, it allows users to make calls anywhere with dual 4G support. The company also claims that the tablet is the best replacement for the Kindle. Because, unlike most Kindles that come with a 6-inch screen and 8GB of storage, the Tab 6 has a 8 inches and 3GB of RAM, 32 internal memory and 128 expandable storage. But what’s similar is that Tab 6 also supports Ebook mode, offering the same reading pleasure as Kindle. For ebook lovers and students, this could be good news as they can store and read thousands of books and search for information on the internet with a bigger screen and more storage space than Kindle.

In terms of the software update, Tab 6 will ship with Notes. The app allows students to write or record what teachers have said in class or take a picture of what they write on the board. Unlike writing notes in a notebook, notes allow students to put their different notes on a page or move them around without having to rewrite them; and notes in audio and image format are certainly more likely to remind students of the knowledge learned in class,

While Tab 6 Kids has a totally different positioning. It will be Blackview’s first foray into the children’s tablet. It is said to be a reliable companion to protect children. Tab 6 Kids, with 5580 and dual SIM card support, allows children to stay connected with their parents anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the 4-in-1 navigation, including GPS, BDS, Glonass and Galileo, help children find their way home wherever they are. With the help of two elegant BOX speakers which transmit sound clearly, children do not need to wear headphones while using the tablet so that they can avoid hearing damage.

As a tablet intended for children, Tab 6 Kids comes with an exclusive app called iKids. In addition to various educational and fun children’s apps, iKids also provides parental control over what children will do and how much time they will spend on the tablet. But that’s not all, Tab 6 Kids also includes features like kids themes, reading mode, split view support, and more.

As for accessories, Tab 6 Kids will be paired with one EVA anti-fall case, which can likely help prevent breakage, regardless of how children accidentally drop the tablet. The case has two color variations which are Donut Blue and Pudding Pink, while the Tab 6 will only ship with a standard case.

The Tab 6 series colors have cute food names. For example, Tab 6 is available in three colors, which are Truffle Gray, Macaron Blue and Peach Gold, while the Kids version only has Truffle Gray.

Blackview: Tab 11, Mini Tab 6 e Tab 6 Kids in arrivo a novembre


Finally, Tab 11 is likely to become official theNovember 11th, when Blackview will offer promotional discounts, while the Tab 6 the November 15, 2021. What is not yet known is the pricing, but since the company has always stuck to budget tablets, the Tab 11 and Tab 6 are likely to be quite affordable and competitive.

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