Blasphemous will have a sequel in 2023

Blasphemous avrà un sequel nel 2023 thumbnail

Team 17 and The Game Kitchen have announced the future arrival of a sequel di Blasphemous. The project, of which there are still few details, will be available in the course of 2023. The game will be a direct follow-up to the first chapter that arrived in 2019 with considerable success with audiences and critics (with several awards to confirm the appreciation of industry experts). It should also be noted that the announcement of the sequel is also accompanied by the confirmation of the arrival of a new DLC, to be released by the end of the year.

Blasphemous: the sequel arrives in 2023

The new title, heir to the first chapter of what is now a series, it will be ready in the course of 2023. The confirmation came from Team 17 and The Game Kitchen, the game’s development team. For the moment, the new sequel has not been accompanied by particular official information. It will be necessary to wait a few months, most likely, to find out the details on the second chapter of the series.

Arriva il DLC Wounds of Eventide

To mitigate the wait in view of the second chapter, Blasphemous is preparing to record the debut of the DLC gratuito Wounds of Eventide. The DLC will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC starting next year December 9th. The new content will enrich the game with new bosses, new areas, new items and more surprises. Here is the trailer with which the new DLC expected for next December was presented:

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