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Blinkoo is born, the travelers’ TikTok

Blinkoo is born. And that’s how it was born, with all lowercase letters.

Whether it’s aapp dedicated to travelers this is easily understood by reading the slogan that stands out on the home page of the platform site. And which reads: “Discover the world, share it. One corner at a time “.

The startup has recently been active, e at the same time, a crowdfunding campaign was launched which aims to reach the figure of 2.3 million euros.

But let’s see in more detail what blinkoo is, the app for travelers halfway between TikTok and Instagram.

What is blinkoo

Blinkoo is, we could say, the travelers app for travelers.

In other words, it is a platform where those who are about to undertake a trip, but have no intention of relying on agencies, word of mouth or paper guides, can count on travelers like him.

In fact, on blinkoo users have the opportunity to discover new places (especially little known) thanks to short videos shot by those who have already been to those places.

How blinkoo works

Let’s go deeper into the folds of the app.

With blinkoo you can explore places through videos shot by influencers, professional content creators but also by simple curious travelers.

The idea is clearly that of sharing: every blinkoo user is called to have a double role, passive and active. That is to say that of receiving the information that will allow you to organize your next trip. And, once in place, that of providing advice for future blinkoo users.

Through the videos to be uploaded to the app, already available for iOS and Android, you will be able to review not only the places. But also accommodation facilities, bars and restaurants, typical products, events, and there is no shortage of practical advice for each specific location.

The videos (geolocated) of interest can be saved as a favorite and used as a guide during your trip.

A new idea of ​​tourism

The idea of ​​blinkoo comes from a double stimulus.

On one side, there is a feeling of a certain distrust towards traditional tourism, at least in two senses. The first concerns precisely the way of organizing trips: there is less and less attention to structured itineraries, as was the case until a few years ago. On the contrary, hit-and-run travel is increasingly rewarded, perhaps with the pleasure of not planning too much before departure. This is required by the different organization of times, which in recent years often requires the fragmentation of free time into a greater number of shorter spaces. Mistrust also concerns the way of finding information, which passes less and less through official channels and more and more through the experience of those who have already been in a place.

If we combine with that the other stimulus, that is to use social networks (especially those of more rapid consultation, such as TikTok) not only to have fun but also to get information, that’s it. In short, Blinkoo allows you to be inspired by other travelers, known (over 60 influencers and content creators participate in the project with an exclusive contract) and less known. In whom the degree of trust is often high.


Blinkoo was born in 2019, founded by Smeraldo Meminaj (formerly at the head of Crush Travel), and – as we all know – shortly thereafter it encounters a decidedly bad economic situation.

For this the app is online, and available for iOS and Android, only for a few days. Currently the staff of blinkoo, the application that is a bit TikTok, a bit Instagram, a bit YouTube and a bit TripAdvisor, is made up of 25 people.

Meantime a crowdfunding campaign was activated on the BacktoWork platform, which will last 45 days. And it will have the ambitious goal of reaching 2.3 million euros.

The words of Emerald Meminaj

It is the founder of blinkoo, Smeraldo Meminaj, who best explains what blinkoo is.

Meminaj says: “Blinkoo was born from the desire to simplify the decision-making process that people make online to organize a trip or to discover new experiences to live and activities to do, near home or on the other side of the world.. The path that leads a person to choose a destination and book a trip, the travel customer journey, can be very long, non-linear, fragmented and chaotic. There is a lack of a coherent and organized way to get inspired by the destinations and what they offer. On average, an online user navigates between about 34 different sites and platforms in search of inspiration and useful information for organizing a trip, moving from large social media such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to small sites of local institutions. The information found by searching online is fragmentary and partial, sometimes contradictory and not always reliable. Blinkoo adds value to all three key players involved in the process: travelers and enthusiasts; professional influencers and content creators; tour operators “.

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