BlitzWolf BW-GC7 review: a lot of gaming, little chair

The BlitzWolf BW-GC7 that we will analyze in this review is a gaming chair that aims to be the best among the economic proposals but which in reality disappoints most expectations, except for the aesthetics. Let’s find out more

BlitzWolf is a Chinese company that is expanding its horizons more and more, extending the interest and production approducts belonging to different categories. The extensive catalog includes: portable chargers, projectors, speakers, PC peripherals, up to gaming chairs, with a particular focus on the new model BW-GC7 on which we will focus in the course of this review.

I will not lie, at first glance, considering the selling price and the aesthetics of this product, I thought I would have found myself here talking to you about a best buy and instead perhaps the wide range of products sold by the company did not allow this BlitzWolf BW-GC7 to enjoy the care and passion that is often characteristic of companies that deal with the production of gaming chairs. On the other hand, this sector, like everything that revolves around the world of the PC, has undergone an incredible boost in recent years, with a consequent increase in general quality, even in the lower price ranges.

BlitzWolf BW-GC7 review: a lot of gaming, little chair

Specifications and assembly | BlitzWolf BW-GC7 review

The chair is available in aone size which includes the following technical characteristics:

  • Seat width: 50 cm
  • Stature: designed for a person up to 185 cm tall
  • Overall height at maximum extension: 137,5 cm
  • Overall width: 65 cm
  • Seat depth: 50 cm
  • Backrest height: 86 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Maximum inclination: 135°

The packaging performs its task perfectly and the chair arrives absolutely well protected from any accidental impact that may occur on the way, taking into account that, among other things, the shipment does not arrive from an Italian warehouse. Few frills inside the package which includes, in addition to all the components of the chair, the year necessary and one Allen key perfect for assembly. In this regard, the same is simplified by the presence of minimal but immediate instructions, which allow the task to be carried out even by a perfect neophyte not very accustomed to this kind of work.

All in all, the entire offer does not scream a miracle, however, perfectly in line with the economic investment, but at the same time, I must admit that, from a purely aesthetic point of view, the first impression with the chair is decidedly positive.

Design and materials | BlitzWolf BW-GC7 review

The design that characterizes this gaming chair by BlitzWolf certainly does not stand out for its originality, on the contrary. The first impression you get is that of being in front of a mass produced model branded for the occasion by BlitzWolf, but this is not necessarily a problem. The proposed aesthetic certainly represents the best you could wish for within this price range. Aggression e showiness embody the winning paradigm of this gaming chair (as is required of this kind of products) but at the same time, the geometric shapes that compose it make sure to maintain a certain sobriety that would allow it to be used even in contexts that need less flashiness.

The offer is completed by the presence of pillows (lumbar and cervical) which increase the comfort, as well as being now considered a standard for a “true self-respecting gaming chair”. At the moment, the only color available is a combination of nero (which prevails on most of the surface) e red inserts, with annexes sewn logos on the fabric.

Speaking of fabric, the company defines it “premium leather” but on balance it translates into what, most likely, is more of a material in leatherette, which still maintains the aforementioned (by the company) characteristics such as ease of cleaning and high breathability of the fabric, which returns an excellent sensation in direct contact with the body. Unfortunately, after about a month of use, I have already noticed a very small point where the paint has completely gone away, leaving room for the whitish color of the leather.

Comfort and use | BlitzWolf BW-GC7 review

If until now, all in all, the product that takes shape through my words, then has no real negative aspects, unfortunately this section of analysis within the review will not be as positive. I start immediately from the only positive aspect, but which, for obvious reasons, assumes great importance: the seat is comfortable! No matter what your preferred position may be, whether with the backrest perfectly vertical or slightly inclined, reclining back and seat are comfortable, although they are not particularly full of spongy material inside. The same goes for i armrests, made in a materiale soft-touch e height adjustable.

BlitzWolf BW-GC7 review: a lot of gaming, little chair

Let’s now turn to the negative aspects that unfortunately did not allow me to appreciate this product as much as I would have liked and which, on the contrary, tend to shift the whole experience towards the negative. Despite a meticulous and painstaking assembly, the whole structure is constantly victim of creaks various at the slightest movement, really annoying to hearing. Even trivially pulling the lever used for the inclination of the backrest causes a definitely annoying noise. Not only that, I had to re-tighten some screws several times (even in subsequent days) which obviously need a prolonged period of adjustment, considering that after a month they remain firmly in place.

Furthermore, a plastic insert of an armrest has arrived inserted in a clearly incorrect way, which makes it a mobile element, although it must have a precise static location (from the photos it will be clearer) and it is not possible to change its position. All of these defects, creaks, noises, need for posthumous maintenance during assembly they should not be present, not even in a product on the 100 € threshold. To tell the truth, I recently had a 70-80 € gaming chair in my hands which, in the face of a certainly less “pushed” aesthetic, was still free from these problems that invalidate its use.

It is time to take stock

The BlitzWolf BW-GC7 gaming chair is a product that on the one hand convinces with aesthetics and design but that brings some problems and defects impossible to overlook in daily use. Not even the price which currently stands at € 105 can allow you to turn a blind eye to some situations that can also be frustrating at times. If I really had to, I would therefore feel like recommending the purchase of this chair to all those who want to complete their workstation with an aesthetically pleasing product, spending little, but which at the same time tend not to change position or move often. when they are seated.

Points in favor

  • Bel design..
  • Comfort
  • Interesting price

Points against

  • ..but not original
  • Creaks, noises, assembly defects
  • Paint already damaged