Blizzard apologizes for the problems at the launch of Overwatch 2

Blizzard si scusa per i problemi al lancio di Overwatch 2 thumbnail

With a post on your blog, Blizzard acknowledged the problems at the launch of Overwatch 2, and said she was ready to be forgiven. The development team also thanked the players for downloading the title which, we remember, is free-to-play per Xbox, PlayStation e PC.

The company announced that it has stabilized the game, making several improvements to the title. “We are committed to constantly investigating issues that arise, to work quickly to resolve them and to be transparent with our community about the state of Overwatch 2,” the official blog post reads.

Overwatch 2: Double Match XP weekend comes after the problems

Blizzard has also promised that another patch will arrive this weekend that will further improve the stability of the title. “We are closely monitoring the game to identify emerging problems and bugs,” said the software house. In the meantime, however, after the apologies for the stormy launch, the developers are ready to be forgiven:

“To make up for lost time, we are planning several Double Match XP weekends: we will confirm the dates soon

Also all players who will log in from 25 October until the end of Season 1, will receive as a gift a brand new legendary Captain Cursed Reaper skin and a Health Pack weapon charm (which you can see in the images below). To request them, simply log in to the game in the indicated time window.