BloodyStealer: discovered a new malware attacking gamers

BloodyStealer: scoperto un nuovo malware che attacca i gamer thumbnail

Researchers of Kaspersky they just discovered a advanced trojan, nicknamed BloodyStealer, which is sold through darknet forums and used to steal user accounts of popular gaming platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store e EA Origin. BloodyStealer is a perfect example of a cyber threat for video game enthusiasts as it has been designed with features that make it difficult to analyze and detect and is available at a very low subscription cost.

BloodyStealer: the Trojan that attacks gamers

In the latest Kaspersky report dedicated to gaming related threats, you can find information on BloodyStealer along with an overview of the gaming products that are stolen and sold on the darknet. Virtual goods and online gamer accounts, in fact, are in high demand on the darknet.

The login and password combinations used on popular gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin, Ubisoft or EpicGames can sell for $ 14.2 per thousand accounts when sold in blocks. or for 1-30% of the value of an account when sold individually. The stolen credentials do not come from accidental data leaks, but are the result of real campaigns organized by cybercriminals using malware such as BloodyStealer.

BloodyStealer is a trojan stealer capable of collect and exfiltrate various types of data. For example, it is able to obtain information such as cookies, passwords, forms and credit card credentials from browsers as well as screenshots, log-in data and sessions from various applications. These include those relating to gaming platforms, in particular EpicGames, Origin and Steam.

The malware is sold to a price piutvery low: less than $ 10 for a monthly subscription or $ 40 for a one-time subscription, which is increasing its popularity exponentially.

“Gaming accounts are often targeted by cybercriminals,” he commented Dmitry Galov, security researcher from Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team – to play with peace of mind without worrying about your account or game credit being stolen, it is important to use two-factor authentication and a reliable security solution to keep safe your devices “.