BloodyStealer is a new Trojan that steals gaming account credentials

BloodyStealer è un nuovo Trojan che ruba le credenziali degli account per il gaming thumbnail

The research team of Kaspersky spotted an advanced Trojan that has been dubbed BloodyStealer. The Trojan in question is sold through darknet forums and is used for steal user accounts on very popular gaming platforms. Among the platforms affected are Steam, Epic Games Store and EA Origin. BloodyStealer represents a real cyber threat for video game enthusiasts. The stealer is designed to be difficult to spot. Furthermore, its cost is very low.

BloodyStealer is the new threat for gamers identified by Kaspersky

the login credentials for gaming platform accounts have some value on the darknet. Blocks of one thousand accounts can be sold for $ 14.2 while the sale of the single account is valued at 1% to 30% of the account value.

Using malware such as BloodyStealer, just spotted by Kaspersky, cybercriminals try to get hold of users’ credentials to resell them. BloodyStealer is a stealer trojan capable of collecting and exfiltrating various types of data.

The Trojan was first spotted last March. Initially, it was passed off as evading detection software with protection against reverse engineering and generic analysis of anti-malware programs. Attacks using BloodyStealer have been detected in Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Kaspersky’s comment

Dmitry Galov, security researcher with Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team, points out: “BloodyStealer has certainly caught the attention of many users on one of the darknet forums. This stealer has some interesting features, such as the ability to steal browser passwords, cookies and information about the environment. The developers of this malware have also added a feature that allows information from online gaming platforms to be stolen. “