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Bluetti AC200MAX review: what do I need it for?

10 years ago we discovered the importance of power banks.

In a world that was becoming more and more smartphone-dependent, it was essential not to run out of energy.
Shortly thereafter, the market was invaded by small portable batteries that allowed us to give a boost to our devices without needing a power outlet.

Recently our energy needs have grown and so the market has adapted by proposing the power station or, if you prefer, the portable accumulators.
Imagine them as a power bank to the nth degree.

The question is: what is it for?
Well, we wondered that too in front of BLUETTI AC200MAXaccompanied in our case by PV350 photovoltaic panels.
Now, one month after its arrival, we think the question is different: what is it NOT for?

The review of BLUETI AC200MAX

BLUETTI is a leader in this sector. And “leader” means both that it produces excellent power stations and that the offer is really very broad.
This is to tell you that perhaps the AC200MAX may not be the right product for you, either in terms of cost or weight and size, but surely, by sifting through the BLUETTI website, you can find something that is in line with your needs.

Why did we immediately bring up weight and size?
Because the AC200MAX is “portable” up to a certain point: its structure includes two solid handles for transport but the total weight is 28 kg.
You can then move it but you will need some force to do so. Or a trolley.

The dimensions are more important than other similar products – 42 x 28 x 38.6 cm – but nothing really bulky. We have kept it on the balcony, in the house and even in the car without giving up too much space.

Bluetti AC200Max inputs review

On the aesthetic front it is not particularly surprising and, after all, it shouldn’t: what we expect from a similar product it is resistance and completeness. And here BLUETTI AC200MAX hits the target.
In fact, on the front we find all the outlets you need, from the classic ones to the cigarette lighter ones to 4 USB-A, two at 18W and 2 at 15W. And yes, there is also a USB-C which is always useful, especially considering that this one is at 100W.

They are on board a 2048 Wh lithium iron phosphate battery and an inverter, with the system that can guarantee alternating current up to 2.2 kW with peaks reaching 4.8 kW. Basically you can connect your appliances to it without major difficulties. Maybe not all together but, in an emergency, you are able to make what is needed work.

Bluetti AC200Max display review

Always ahead we find the indispensable power keywhich lights up green when the product is in operation, e a display with which you manage and monitor everything: charge status, energy delivered, activation and deactivation of direct and alternating current and little more.

Bluetti AC200Max input

Moving to the upper part instead we find a very pleasant surprise: two 15W wireless charging pads. So yes, you can place your smartphone or headphones on top to recharge them without needing a cable.

However, everything that is Input – ie systems for recharging or expanding the AC200MAX – is on the left side, so you can’t go wrong.
BLUETTI AC200MAX can be connected to additional batteries from the same manufacturer, to the specific one 500W power supply that you find in the package or a solar panels up to 900W.

But is it worth using solar panels?

The power supply, connected to the house socket, allowed us to go from 0 to 100% in about 4 hours.
Solar panels obviously need more time. Yes, but how much? Let’s try to quantify.

We have connected the PV350 panels that they can generate fino a 350W.
These panels specifically weigh 12 kg, boast the IP65 certification – so yes, they can withstand the rain – and can be connected quite easily to your power station, also because they integrate a rather long cable which must be connected to another pair of cables which are instead included in the AC200MAX package.
Bear in mind that the design is really well thought out. There are 4 panels, they fold back on themselves and have carrying handles and a small pocket for the cable; in addition, on the back you will find the stand to help you tilt and position them.

Bluetti PV350 courtyard

Having done all these operations, we left BLUETTI AC200MAX and the PV350 panels on the balcony, exposed to the sun from 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening on a hot day in July.
Keep in mind that the balcony faces south so the sun reaches it throughout the day, with obviously all the limitations due to being in a building surrounded by other houses and high temperatures that reduce the efficiency of the panels solar.
We took it home a fair 25% recharge without ever moving the panels.

Can it be done better?
Of course yes. By placing PV350 on a roof or in a meadow, paying attention to follow the direction of the Sun, you can easily exceed 50%. This means thaton average, a couple of days bring you back to 100%.

Not to mention that AC200MAX can be connected to several solar panels in series or to a rooftop or balcony photovoltaic system up to an input solar power of 900w. .

Of course, you also have to consider how much you use the power station during the day but, with a full charge, you can really do a lot of things. We have connected smartphones to recharge them, the hair dryer to dry hair, the PC, a fan, even the coffee machine and we have not needed to recharge it for days.

Obviously, with important appliances things change but understand well that, with a fairly average use, solar panels would be enough, with consequent energy savings as well as benefits for the environment.

Bluetti app

The application

BLUETTI AC200Max also has a smart side: the application.
It’s called BLUETTI, it’s available per iOS e Android and allows you to connect via Bluetooth to the battery.
From here you can check the battery percentage, the energy supplied and that received; in addition, you can activate or deactivate the alternating and direct current and turn the device on and off, set the auto-sleep timer and upgrade the firmware.

We also point out the possibility of being able to generate a QR code that can be scanned by other people to allow them to access your BLUETTI device.

What do I need a power station for?

You can plug a lot of things into it, it works well, it has a plethora of ports but, basically, what do I need it for?

The first time you find yourself in front of AC200MAX, or any other power station, you ask yourself this question. And it is normal, also because the expense is not contained. Specifically we talk about €1,799 for the accumulator and €799 for PV350 portable solar panels.

On balance, however, it makes sense because a product like this can be used in many contexts.
Think, for example, of those who go camping and they need energy. Instead of drawing on that of your means of transport you can use AC200MAX, peacefully powering technological devices and small appliances and also maintaining a good autonomy thanks to the solar panels.

Bluetti AC200Max wireless charging

Or again you can think of those who they work out a lot.
Our test drivers, for example, force us to spend a lot of time outdoors, perhaps in the mountains or in remote places. BLUETTI AC200MAX therefore becomes an excellent companion: recharge the equipment when needed, possibly connect a kettle for tea during the winter or still make sure you keep the PC powered when you are backing up your precious data.

Even at home it can be comfortable, even just to recharge your devices. Thus, if you recharge the power station with solar energy, you will not draw on the domestic network and you will save even more.
In case of electrical problems then you are covered, whether it’s a small domestic line failure or a problem derived from adverse weather conditions. And, also in this case, the scenarios range from the light that jumps due to a storm to most impactful climatic events.
Having a product like AC200MAX means having a kind of lifesaver ready for any eventuality.

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