BMW is the most popular car manufacturer when it comes to online searches

È BMW la casa automobilistica più amata per quel che riguarda le ricerche in rete

BMW is the most popular car brand for those who surf the net: this is what emerges on the basis of the data highlighted by the Google Trends tool, a free tool that the search engine makes available to all its surfers.

It must be premised that Google uses, for this data, a special indicator called “interest over time”, a value that can range from a minimum of 0 up to a maximum of 100 and which obviously relates to the search volumes recorded in the various periods of the ‘year.

Google’s so-called “interest over time”

The fact that a manufacturer has high scores, therefore, cannot be directly related to the number of cars purchased, since many searches will certainly have been carried out for simple curiosity, to find information or for similar reasons, however this is anyway a very relevant data which can be considered an indicator of consumer preferences.

BMW, a true international icon

The BMW manufacturer obviously needs no introduction: these cars are considered a real one quality icon at the international level, at the same time this manufacturer is among those who have best been able to cope with the crisis that has affected the automotive sector.

Even the long-term rental sector, which is growing more and more also in the private sector, is increasingly valuing BMWs along with many other models, as can be seen by viewing the websites of companies specialized in private long-term rental such as EasyRent.

So what emerged from Google Trends? Let’s find out right away.

BMW data

BMW managed to get a interest over time equal to 80, a truly considerable figure that no other manufacturer has managed to achieve in our country.

It must also be considered that last spring’s lockdown considerably lowered the search volumes of all cars at a general level, volumes which then recovered in the following months, and BMW managed to reach peaks of 100, that is the maximum achievable score.

Statistics relating to other car manufacturers

The only manufacturer that comes close in a relevant way to the research volumes that have interested BMW is another famous German, that is Audi, for which the interest rate recorded by Google over time was equal to 75.

The gap with the other brands is truly abysmal and it is possible to do, from this point of view, several examples: Fiat has an interest in the time of 35, Opel 40, Renault 42, Mazda 11, Jeep 36, Toyota 38.

All the brands listed deal with cars with an average commercial value lower than that of Audi and BMW, consequently one might believe that the search volumes are directly proportional to the prestige and blazon of the brand, but in reality this is not the case.

If you search related to car manufacturers of super luxury levelIn fact, it is immediately evident how the search volumes are lower: Porsche, for example, has an interest in the time of 24, Lamborghini of 16, Ferrari of 59.

How can these data be interpreted?

In order for consistent scores such as those that BMW can boast of, therefore, they seem necessary two aspects: on the one hand, the manufacturer must produce cars of very high quality, on the other hand, the reference target must be sufficiently broad and not overly niche.

The confirmation of this is in the fact that even a brand with a level comparable to that of BMW and Audi, like Mercedes, stands at similar levels, registering an interest over time of 70.