BMW Motorrad Italia rewards some dealers

BMW Motorrad Italia premia i Concessionari che si sono distinti nell'orientamento al Cliente thumbnail

BMW Motorrad Italia recently met the network of its Dealers and Service Centers. The annual meeting was an opportunity to share the company’s future strategies and comment on the results obtained during 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, a period that has resulted in very positive results for the company, both in quantitative terms. than qualitative. Furthermore, on the occasion of the event, the company also has awarded some of its dealers. Here are the details about the prizes awarded during the event:

BMW Motorrad rewards the dealers who have distinguished themselves in recent months

The company made the most of the event to reward dealers who have particularly distinguished themselves in the recent past. It should be noted, in fact, that a Fraccaro Mario of Montichiari (BS) was awarded the “Customer Orientation Award 2021”.

BMW motorcycle Romait was also awarded for innovation in the digital approach to the customer. The awards were assigned by an internal jury of the company, also on the basis of the feedback received from customers over the months and of the initiatives launched by the individual dealers.

The company comment

Salvatore Nicola Nanni, General Manager of BMW Motorrad Italy, he comments: “I thank all the people in the Dealership and in the Workshops for their dedication in being the point of reference in the area for customers who choose and trust BMW Motorrad, this award was created precisely to celebrate this daily commitment. Customer orientation together with sustainability are in fact the basis of our strategy and this clear vision shared with our Network of Dealers and Workshops has allowed us to record positive quantitative and qualitative results even in the difficult scenarios we had to face in these past two years. I sincerely congratulate the winners because this prestigious recognition comes directly from customer feedback “.

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