Logitech: technologies for hybrid work on display at ISE 2022

Logitech sarà presente a ISE 2022 per mostrare le soluzioni dedicate al lavoro ibrido thumbnail

Logitech will be present at ISE 2022scheduled at the Barcelona Fair from 10 to 13 May next, showing the stechnological solutions for hybrid work. The company will propose different solutions and deepen the functionality of the flagship models of its range with the aim of allowing people to work in the best possible way, at home or in the office. Here are the details:

Logitech prepares for the ISE 2022 fair with new solutions dedicated to hybrid work

At the event, Logitech will show Accommodation Dock, new integrated docking station that simplifies the organization of the home office. It should be noted that at ISE 2022 there will also be the presentation of Logitech Zone True Wireless, earphones that integrate a microphone with active background noise cancellation. This device has full compatibility with software such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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The other news

Among the Logitech innovations on show at ISE 2022 there will also be premium modular videoconferencing systems Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini e Rally Plus, suitable for any room and equipped with high quality 4K video and clear audio. Also note Logitech Scribecamera for digital whiteboards with Artificial Intelligence able to recreate the contents written on the blackboard by digitizing them into video.

The appointment with Logitech’s news for the Barcelona fair is scheduled for next May 10th.

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