BOE could supply the OLED screens for iPhone 15

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According to the latest rumors, the Chinese display company BOE could be one of the likely suppliers of OLED screens for the next iPhone 15, especially for the models of high end of the Apple series, coming in 2023. Let’s find out all the details together.

Will BOE supply Apple displays for iPhone 15?

The Chinese display company BOE would like to provide to Apple about screens LTPO OLED for high-end models iPhone 15 In the 2023.

A new report says the Chinese company is standing up again trying to become a major supplier of displays for iPhone. In 2018, he tried to get orders for what would become theiPhone 12 of 2020. Now, however, it continues its race towards success. The company is taking steps to at least position itself as a “company ready to produce the “OLED LTPO screens” envisaged in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

According to The Elec, BOE is currently working hard to use the polycrystalline oxide technology a low temperature (LTPO) on OLED panels made in its last factory. Specifically, its goal is to use the two-pile tandem structure, which greatly increases the lifespan of an LTPO OLED panel.

The new factory, called B12 and located in Chongqing, China, it went into operation in the fourth quarter of 2021. Ultimately, it should have a capacity to 48,000 substrates per month. For now, as reported by The Elec, BOE has not received orders for panels OLED LTPO from Apple. The company was unable to secure LTPO display orders for the iPhone 13 for 2021, due to quality problems.

At the moment, therefore, we just have to wait for further information from the Cupertino company, waiting for it to reveal to its public who will actually supply the screens.

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