Borderlands da record: ha venduto 74 milioni di copie dal lancio thumbnail

Borderlands: record of copies sold for the Gearbox saga

The series of Borderlands reached the record of 74 million copies distributed since launch which took place in 2009 to date: this was confirmed Embracer Groupnoting the success of the successful IP of Gearbox. Whichever way you look at it, these are record-breaking figures and underline how much the cooperative shooter saga has resonated powerfully among players over the years.

Borderlands record: it has sold 74 million copies

The best-selling saga title of all is Borderlands 3, which has sold 15 million copies in just two years, while in the third quarter of the current fiscal year the Borderlands games more generally have placed two million units worldwide, truly remarkable results, especially if we consider that not these are games that came out exactly the day before yesterday.

Gearbox isn’t sitting on its laurels at the moment however, as it has 10 projects currently underway, probably including Borderlands 4, which hasn’t been announced yet. The next game coming from the software house is instead Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandswhich should be released next March and is set up as a fantasy drift from the main saga.

In any case, it is clear that Borderlands is the most popular IP of Gearbox at the moment, it is no coincidence that a film is being worked on by Eli Rothwhose production has been severely slowed down by the pandemic but which, despite everything, is still ongoing, even if we have not had any news about it for many months now.

It is difficult to imagine even when the fourth chapter of the main series can be announced, given that at the moment the software house seems to have its hands in a plethora of other projects, but a teaser trailer could easily arrive later this year: there just have to wait.

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