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Bosch high-tech solutions for a smarter and safer future arrive at CES 2023

On the occasion of CES 2023 in Las Vegas at the Central Hall, at booth #16115 Bosh will throw high-tech solutions for mobility and for the home of the future.

Bosh will go to CES in Las Vegas with his high-tech solutions

From January 5 to 8, 2023, Bosh will be present at CES with four high-tech solutions that have received the CES Innovation Award Honoreesawarded annually by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ® across 28 consumer technology product categories.

We are talking about products that concern categories such as:

  • Home Audio/Video Components & Accessories;
  • Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy;
  • Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility e Streaming;
  • In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety.

Let’s look at them more closely.

Home Audio/Video Components & Accessories

VERSE 8 is Electro-Voice’s first battery-powered speaker and first weatherproof model, delivering a wireless, portable audio experience.

The all-in-one PA system design delivers true professional audio performance, allowing users to benefit from superior audio quality, ease of use for live music, voice amplification and audio reproduction.

Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy

AIShield protects AI-based medical devices from cyberthreats that could undermine their security. It also provides vulnerability analysis and end-point protection.

The solution substantially helps manage patient safety and regulatory compliance to enable sustainable business growth for medical technology companies.

Bosch’s high-tech solutions have also thought about mobility

Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility e Streaming e In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety

Bosch is working on a centralized E/E architecture in the vehicle. In the future, powerful on-board computers will perform various vehicle functions – the domain computer of next generation information it will integrate infotainment functions and ADAS such as parking and surround view (360°) functions.

Moreover, AGEa subsidiary of the Bosch Group, offers a platform and ecosystem of tools for vehicles software-defined end-to-end that enable rapid development and safe and secure operation of the software.

And what about the sensors?

I sensory Lidar they are one of the components necessary to bring autonomous driving to safety (SAE Level 4). At CES 2023, Bosch will therefore show the full performance of its long-range lidar sensor, which is designed for high-volume production, offering outstanding resolution and detection for all scenarios.

For what concern internal monitoring, Bosch offers camera- and radar-based observation systems for the driver and other passengers. The system is able to detect distracted driving, signs of drowsiness and if a child has been left in the vehicle, as required by law and consumer tests such as New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

Electric vehicles

I systems eAxle are a compact and cost-effective drive solution for electric vehicles, as the electric drive units from Bosch are an attractive solution with great flexibility for every vehicle segment.

Power electronics are in fact an important part of the eAxle system and Bosch’s contribution ranges from silicon carbide semiconductors to power modules with and without cooling device to complete inverters.

Bosch has also thought about smart charging services, which support electric vehicle drivers. Specifically, they include:

  • route planning;
  • range predictions;
  • access to a public charging network available worldwide.

In the Bosch world there are also eBikes, introduced in 2021, with a system that combines high-quality components with practical functions that can be improved through over-the-air updates.

Extremely interesting is the new Bosch eBike ABS, designed to meet the requirements of different types of eBikes and reduce accidents even more effectively. Other innovations are the control units Mini Remote e System Control and digital services such as eBike Alarm.

Sensors and high-tech solutions from Bosch to improve everyday life

Bosch plans to bring the latest sensor-based solutions to CES Bosch Sensorteccome:

  • high performance magnetometerwhich acts like a compass in handheld devices, to provide an accurate measurement of orientation based on the Earth’s magnetic field;
  • barometric pressure sensor for extreme conditions, which accurately determines altitude becoming a key component of fitness trackers and other applications. At CES 2023, Bosch will present its new barometric pressure sensor, which is able to withstand even the most adverse external conditions;
  • AI sensorequipped with software suitable for a wide variety of fitness tracking applications, including personalized workouts and a tracking function for swimming;
  • air quality detectionwith the world’s smallest air quality sensor, providing timely, accurate and actionable information enabling the identification and management of indoor pollution to help improve health;
  • il forno Steam Function Plus, which cooks even faster while preserving nutrients. This smart combination of steam and hot air at temperatures up to 120 degrees allows you to prepare different foods up to 35% faster than classic steam cooking;
  • the new ones Bosch Series 8 ovens with the standard Air Fry heating mode for crispy fried foods with very little oil.

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