Bosch leads the Transform project for silicon carbide semiconductors

Bosch guida il progetto Transform per i semiconduttori al carburo di silicio thumbnail

The project “Transform” (Trusted European SiC Value Chain for a greener Economy), curato da un consortium led by Bosch, aims to create a European supply chain for silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to use electricity more efficiently. The Transform project, under the leadership of Bosch, is financed by public funds. The consortium that oversees the project includes 34 companies, universities and research institutes from seven European countries.

The goal of the Transform project according to Bosch

According to Jens Fabrowsky, Executive Vice-President of Bosch’s Automotive Electronics Division: “The purpose of the Transform project is to ensure that Europe has a prominent role in the new technologies based on silicon carbide” This project will continue until 2024 thanks to funding from public bodies. Supporting the project is the European Union as well as various national bodies. Currently, the project covers five use cases in the agriculture, automotive and renewable energy sectors. More details are available on project website.

The potential of silicon carbide

The silicon carbide could, progressively, replace the pure silicon in the making of the chips. Silicon carbide semiconductors have a improved electrical conductivity, thus ensuring a lower dispersion of energy in the form of heat. According to some experts, compared to traditional silicon chips, silicon carbide solutions will guarantee a saving up to 30% of energy, depending on how the components will be used.