Bosch news at CES 2022: technology for everyone

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Bosch is evolving and has chosen the prestigious setting of CES 2022 to show its new shape. In fact, starting from the new year, the company’s products will be connected to the network, riding the trend of the IoT (Internet of Things). Thanks to Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI), the company has made incredible advances in the field of artificial intelligence which contributed around 300 million euros to the result.

Let’s find out more about Bosch’s future and its smart products.

Bosch already CES 2022

Bosch invests more every year 4 million euros in skills software e automotive, to give new shape to mobility. Starting this year, Bosch will combine vehicle software development activities in its German sister company ETAS. The latter will develop basic vehicle software, middleware, cloud services and more. Regarding this, Tanja Rückert, Chief Digital Officer of the Bosch Group, said: “We are systematically digitizing our core business to increase customer benefits. In the future, we aim to transform the revenues of each digital product by including the revenues derived from the services.

The news coming thanks to AI

bosch ces 2022

L‘artificial intelligence will bring enormous benefits to the future of the company’s devices. Advances have already led to the birth of the sensori SoundSee. Using artificial intelligence, Bosch technology identifies sounds on the ISS (international space station) to analyze, as early as the end of 2019, the audio data to detect potential anomalies and identify areas that require maintenance work.

Now, in collaboration with the non-profit healthcare company Highmark of Pittsburgh (USA), this technology will be used in pediatric medicine as a diagnostic tool. The sensors will in fact be adapted to allow the detection of lung conditions such as asthma, at an early age, simply by listening and evaluating the breathing patterns of children. Mike Mansuetti, President of Bosch in North America, commented: “Using innovative technology to improve children’s health – that’s exactly what we mean by high-tech.” The use of SoundSee in medicine also makes us understand what Bosch means by its corporate philosophy and the motto “Technology for life”.

Another big news in the range of Bosch products will be Silvanet Wildfire Sensor di Dryad, the first gas sensor with artificial intelligence useful for protecting both man and nature by helping to detect forest fires. Dryad sensors are in fact positioned on trees where they continuously monitor the microclimate to detect fires before they spread and thus notify local authorities. Not only can this protect nature from devastation, it can also reduce global carbon emissions from forest fires.


The new Bosch communication campaign shows the solutions the company has developed to improve the little things in people’s daily lives. With the title “High-tech #LikeABosch – with many connected, intelligent and sustainable solutions “, the protagonist of the video campaign takes viewers on a tour through her daily routine using different Bosch solutions: from smart glasses to a eBike connected up to a digital access pass for work. This makes the teenage son’s line sound like, at the beginning of the clip he says that the mother is “old-fashioned,” rather out of place.