Bramble The Mountain King is shown in the first gameplay video

Bramble The Mountain King si mostra nel primo video gameplay thumbnail

Independent development studio Dimfrost Studios just released Bramble’s first gameplay video: The Mountain King, a Nordic-themed survival horror revealed during last E3. The game should arrive on PC next year and will feature a young boy and his sister, lost in a magical forest: during their journey they will have to deal with gnomes, trolls and other creatures inspired by Nordic folklore.

Bramble The Mountain King: here is the first gameplay video

The new trailer allows us to take a glimpse into the world of Bramble and some of the curious inhabitants of the magical forest, as well as how players will interact with them during the journey. The trailer also teases some of the combat, stealth mechanics, and environmental puzzles, in which it seems that we will even take control of a group of little gnomes through a dangerous path.

Bramble: The Mountain King è un adventure / horror game story-based with a focus on atmosphere and truly excellent graphics in which there will be no shortage of cinematic moments. During the game we will embark on a journey through the dark world of Bramble where we will be able to come across bossfight of colossal dimensions and other dangers never seen before. The team’s goal is precisely to give life to Nordic fairy tales, from all points of view.

Here are the main features of the game:

  • Traverse the treacherous land of Bramble on an exciting journey to find your sister as you uncover the secret of a dark curse.
  • Story-driven gameplay with stunning cinematic moments and colossal boss fights.
  • Meet mythical creatures such as Nacken, Skogsra, trolls and gnomes.
  • Explore landscapes and environments inspired by Nordic nature.
  • Bramble: The Mountain King is expected to arrive on PC and consoles in 2022.