Braun and Bella Dentro: propose a campaign against waste

Braun e Bella Dentro: propongono una campagna contro gli sprechi

Braun and Bella Dentro, promote an information campaign online and in schools, to support the recovery and processing of food discarded from the market

More than 20% of the Italian production of fruits and vegetables, it is already discarded during the collection phase because it does not meet the requirements of shape, color or size required by the market. In a particularly difficult season, such as the one just passed, characterized by abundant drought, the percentage of aesthetically non-compliant harvest can reach up to 70-80% of the total. This causes not only an unjustified waste of food, but also considerable economic damage for farmers.

In 2022 Braunlaunched the campaign “Imperfect food“, Which has the main objective of raising consumer awareness on waste of fruit and imperfect vegetables.

Braun and Bella Dentro: propose a campaign against waste

International Day of Awareness on Food Waste and Loss

Just on the occasion of the International Day of Awareness on Food Waste and Loss called by FAO, Braun Household Italia announces the partnership with Beautiful Inside, a young company that proposes itself as the first and only Italian supply chain entirely dedicated to the reduction and enhancement of waste and social inclusion; a project, born in 2018which in less than four years has already saved well from waste 177,649 kilos of imperfect fruit and vegetablesguaranteeing farmers the right compensation and involving fragile people in processing activities.

The partnership will see support for Bella Dentro’s awareness campaign in first grade schools of the province of Milano, which includes a cycle of training meetings dedicated to promoting a more ethical, sustainable and conscious consumption of agricultural resources, to restore value to raw materials and the work of those who produce them. Schools interested in joining the project will be able to send their own spontaneous application at the address [email protected].

Braun and Bella Dentro: propose a campaign against waste

Campaign advertised on social networks and in stores

The initiative of Braun and Bella Dentro will be conveyed through contents that will be published on Braun’s social channels and, a promotion in physical points of sale and related e-commerce. In order to encourage consumers to reduce food waste, suggesting alternative methods of food processing and recovery with the use of Braun products, such as blender of the range Multiquick.

For those who buy a new appliance, in the period September Octoberin fact, a voucher will be reserved, with a value of 10 euro for the purchase of Bella Dentro products directly on the website.

Braun and Bella Dentro: propose a campaign against waste

The statements of Marco Brogi and Camilla Archi

Marco Brogi, Country Manager of the De’Longhi Italy Group, stated:

We have embraced this project because we want to draw attention to the issue and actively support the fight against waste. We think Braun’s technology can be a practical solution for turning seemingly imperfect foods into fantastic recipes. The Braun hand blender assumes a metaphor for the change of attitude towards all the fruit and vegetables that we tend not to consider good because they are slightly bruised or with non-standard sizes and shapes. We enthusiastically welcomed the activity of “Bella Dentro” and with them we decided to involve schools to make our commitment even more incisive and to transmit more conscious consumption models to future generations and their families.

Camilla ArchiCo-founder of Bella Dentro added:

We believe that teaching children the importance, naturalness and “normality” of imperfections and diversity is of fundamental importance, not only to promote a healthier and more sustainable approach to food, but also to build a more equitable and inclusive society. Not just fruit and vegetables… we are all beautiful inside.

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