Braun: products presented for Christmas 2021

In view of the arrival of the Christmas period, and all the purchases that follow, Braun presented all the main products of its catalog (as regards the devices for hair removal and shaving) for Christmas of this 2021

December has begun and the most magical time of the year is almost upon us: the lights that illuminate the streets of the city, the decorations on the doors and balconies of the houses, the first snow and much more. In other words, Christmas time is coming! Like every year, it carries with it the rush for gifts, which, especially for latecomers, can turn into a real last-minute challenge. For the occasion, Braun presented to the public all major devices of its catalog for Christmas 2021. Let’s see below what it is!

Braun: all the devices presented for Christmas 2021

The devices presented by Braun for Christmas 2021 are for hair removal and shaving. Between must have for hair removal we find the pulsed light epilator Silk Expert Pro 5, for permanent epilation of visible hair even in the comfort of your own home. The list continues with Silk-Epil 9 Flex, the first epilator with a completely flexible head able to adapt perfectly to the curves of the body, and the Face Spa Pro, the first all-in-1 device for even better hair removal, cleansing and skin toning.

Braun: products presented for Christmas 2021

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of devices on the wish list for shaving and styling. Among the razors of the Braun line, a perfect combination of innovation, technology and design, we find the new Braun Series 9 Pro, the top of the range designed for an effective and delicate shave at every stroke, and the Braun Series 7, with the revolutionary 360 ° Flex head. For adjustment and finishing, however, Braun offers the new Series X, for optimal and precise results even for the most inexperienced, the BT5265 and the MGK7220, ideal for looks to show off during the holidays.

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