Bravia XR 2023, the new frontier of Sony home entertainment

Bravia XR 2023, la nuova frontiera dell'intrattenimento domestico di Sony thumbnail

Sony today announced the launch of its range of televisions BRAVIA XR 2023 with Cognitive Processor XR, the new frontier of home entertainment. Four new models are planned: X95L Mini LED, X90L Full Array LED, A95L QD-OLED e A80L OLEDall packed with features designed to fully immerse users in the excitement of movies, video games, streaming content and more.

BRAVIA XR 2023, the new frontier of Sony home entertainment

BRAVIA XR 2023 TVs can count on a Cognitive Processor XR updated with the newest technology XR Clear Image, which optimizes noise reduction and motion sharpness to reproduce adrenaline-pumping action scenes, without blurring. The processor also allows for better backlight control to increase Local Dimming zones, increase brightness and reduce blooming.

BRAVIA XR 2023, l’Acoustic Center Sync

All models use the system Acoustic Center Sync which allows you to synchronize your TV’s audio system with the center channel of a compatible Sony Soundbar, making it the center speaker for a truly immersive cinematic experience.

The most demanding in terms of acoustics will not be disappointed by 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, the technology built into Sony soundbars that generates multiple virtual speakers and optimizes the sound field. An absolute novelty of this year is the system Acoustic Multi-Audio+ of the television X95L, designed to match the audio with the images of the scene. In models A95L e A80Lthe same task is performed by the system Acoustic Surface Audio+based on actuators that vibrate to emit sounds from any point on the screen.

Perfect for gamers

The range BRAVIA XR 2023 also winks at gamers, offering exclusive features that will revolutionize the gaming experience PlayStation 5. Se Auto HDR Tone Mapping e Auto Genre Picture Mode optimize video quality when gaming and streaming, the intuitive Game Menu allows you to change the settings according to your personal preferences, for example by activating/deactivating the VRR or the technology Motion Blur Reduction. Dal Game MenuFurthermore, you can increase the brightness in dark areas with the function Black Equalizer, to more easily spot objects and opponents or choose which of the six types of crosshairs to use for aiming. From this year, the option Screen Size allows you to resize the screen and reduce it to better focus on the challenge[2]. Model A95L also offers a function of multiple viewvery useful for being able to open the strategy guides alongside the game without interrupting it.

Sony’s ‘Road to Zero’ initiative

In line with the company’s Road to Zero initiative, Sony is committed to limiting plastic consumption and environmental impact at all stages of the product lifecycle, striving to reduce the use of virgin plastic, improve efficiency transport and check the energy consumption of the devices during use. All 2023 models will be equipped with the new one Eco Dashboarda control panel from which you can customize your preferences and settings to consume less energy.

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