Brazil fines Apple: it must put the chargers in the iPhone box

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A court in Brazil has ordered a fine against Apple Inc worth 100 million reais (19.35 million euros) and obliges the company to put i packaged charger for iPhones. But Apple has already stated that it will appeal.

Brazil, Apple fine and obligation to pack chargers

The Sao Paolo court found Apple guilty in a lawsuit filed by a Brazilian consumer association. According to the judges, Apple would be committing one ‘abusive practice’ by selling iPhones without chargers.

The choice made by Apple to remove the chargers in the package comes, according to Cupertino, for ecological reasons. In fact, the company says it wants to avoid supplying unsolicited chargers, which they would produce difficult to dispose of waste in case they are not needed. But the court disagrees.

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In fact, the judges write in the sentence that: “it is evident that, under the justification of a green initiative, the defendants require consumers to make a required purchase of a charging adapter that they previously supplied with the product “.

The practice of removing chargers from smartphone packaging is increasingly gaining in popularity, with other companies following the same line as Apple. While others put very powerful chargers just for exampler demonstrate to give “greater value” to your offer.

Apple has appealed, but if it loses it, it could find itself supplying chargers in the box.