Bullitt: Bradley Cooper stars in Steven Spielberg’s film

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Bradley Cooper will play Steve McQueen’s role in the film centered on the policeman Frank Bullitt

The famous policeman will return to the cinema Frank Bullitt, who in the famous 1968 thriller had the face of Steve McQueen and searched the streets of San Francisco for the mafia boss who had killed his best man. The role of Bullitt is certainly one of the most memorable starring Steve McQueen and now his legacy, according to various sources from overseas, will be picked up by Bradley Cooper, who seems to be the protagonist of the new film on the figure of Frank Bullitt which will be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Bullitt: Bradley Cooper stars in Steven Spielberg's film

Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper will finally work together in Bullitt

Bullitt: the details on the film

There are still not many news around the new project, which would still be under development. Steven Spielberg directing and Bradley Cooper in the role of the protagonist seem to really be a guarantee for the success of the project, which uses the screenplay by Josh Singer and the production of the son and granddaughter of Steve McQueen. The idea of ​​a new film about Frank Bullitt dates back to the early days of the pandemic, when Spielberg and Cooper started talking about it, to then jot down ideas and reach an agreement for the realization of the project.

The binomial between Steven Spielberg and Frank Bullitt is unprecedented in cinema. The two have never worked together, even if the many certificates of esteem were not lacking. They nearly crossed paths in 2015, because Spielberg was originally set to direct American Sniper, a film starring Cooper himself, but then the baton passed to Clint Eastwood. Now, after several flirtations, Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper can finally collaborate, for the making of a film which, despite being in its initial stages, is already generating a lot of anticipation. While waiting for more Bullitt news, stay tuned to our website.

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