Buying an iPhone 13 in installments saves 10%

Acquistare un iPhone 13 a rate permette di risparmiare il 10% thumbnail

Buy a new iPhone in installments, with offers from mobile operators, is worth more than last year. The new investigation Observatory, in fact, it confirms that with the offers of the providers it is possible to buy a new iPhone 13 with a average savings of 10% on the list price. Last year, for the iPhone 12, the average saving was 5%.

Buying a new iPhone 13 in installments is worthwhile

The average savings linked to the purchase in installments of a new iPhone 13 with the offers of the operators is 10% compared to the list price. The survey by the Observatory took into consideration the offers for the purchase in installments of the new iPhone 13, 13 Pro e 13 Pro Max to highlight the convenience of these solutions. According to the data collected, the 256 GB cut it is the one that guarantees the greatest savings (11% compared to the price list) for all three smartphones considered. The 128 GB cut, on the other hand, guarantees an average saving of 7%.

Greater savings than last year

The data relating to the purchase in installments of an iPhone 13 are in clear counter-trend compared to those recorded last year for iPhone 12. The average savings last year was 5% compared to the price list with peaks of 15% that were reached for the entry level models of the iPhone 12 (with 64%). For the Pro variants, on the other hand, the greatest saving was 9% and was obtained, also in this case, with the entry level models (128 GB).