Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 1: everything you need to know

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Ready for a whole new battle, with the arrival of the Stagione 1 di Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III e Call of Duty: Warzone. The new season, available from December 6, offers more multiplayer maps, new game modes and welcome returns, including Gunfight and Vortex, the next story Act in Zombies, the introduction of the new map Urzikstan in Call of Duty: Warzone and much more.

What you can do with Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III e Warzone

The all-new Battle Pass offers 100 levels of content, BlackCell brings the Abolisher Operator and the players’ arsenal is enriched with five more new weapons. Additionally, a number of new aftermarket parts are planned, including the flamethrower. The fun continues even during the Christmas holidays, with themed events throughout the season, ensuring a wide range of content in which players will be able to immerse themselves.

Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III e Warzonethe news for multiplayer

Below is an overview of what’s coming to the mode multiplayer:

  • Four new multiplayer maps. It will be possible to play in three brand new 6v6 maps and one 2v2 map, in addition to the holiday-themed restyling of other maps throughout the Season.
  • Welcome back Gunfight. Players will split into small teams across the new Training Facility map and four other Gunfight arenas.
  • New game modes. You’ll be able to test your luck in All or Nothing, wield the one-shot Ray Gun against enemies in the limited-time Vortex event coming later in the Season, and much more.
  • CODMAS party events and ranked matches. New content will continue to arrive in Modern Warfare III Multiplayer, with holiday-themed maps and events, as well as the stand-alone competitive Multiplayer mode: ranked games return.

The main news for Warzone

These are the main innovations for Warzone:

  • Welcome to Urzikstan. The brand new Urzikstan map is coming, a vast and captivating landscape with a mix of rural, industrial and suburban areas. Presented by Raven Software, the new large map features 11 main points of interest (indicated on the Tac map), 27 additional large-scale points of interest (indicated on the in-game compass), a drivable train (the first mobile point of interest in Call of Duty: Warzone) and numerous smaller areas to explore, offering almost unlimited tactical potential.
  • Carry Forward in Warzone: le mappe. Players can continue to deploy on Ashika Island and Vondel, as well as the new Urzikstan map.
  • CODMAS event. Meet zombie Santa Claus, hunt undead deer, and open presents under holiday trees, all while taking on new challenges with rewards and more. You will have to remember to bring snowballs.

What’s new for Zombie

Finally, here are the new features coming to Zombie:

  • New Act. A huge portal has appeared in the Exclusion Zone. Players will be asked to investigate the area and face new endgame content.
  • Dark Aether Rifts. A new, maze-like experience challenges teams to complete a series of objectives within the allotted time. Players will need to find the seals to unlock the Dark Aether Rifts and earn rewards upon completing the challenge.
  • New Wonder Weapon, Warlord, and more. Players will be able to wield the magical weapon V-R11, discover new patterns, and prepare to infiltrate Warlord Dokkaebi’s fortress.

Patch notes available

Patch notes will be available prior to the release of Season 1, with separate notes for Modern Warfare III (operated by Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch) and Warzone (operated by Raven Software).

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